Smart Hacks to Prepare for SBI PO Exam

SBI PO Exam is one of the most important Banking exams in India with several aspirants. SBI PO aspirants face 2 major challenges while preparing. First, they find it challenging to cover all topics of the huge syllabus. And second, aspirants find it challenging to revise such a vast syllabus multiple times before appearing for the exam. Just like any exam, the SBI PO exam also requires a well-planned strategy and approach. Giving enough SBI PO mock test is the ultimate game-changer. But before appearing for the Mock tests you need to diligently implement the tips given below –

  1. First, Analyse the Syllabus, Marking Scheme & Exam Pattern

The SBI PO exam is further divided into 3 phases. The first phase is SBI PO Prelims. The second phase is SBI PO Mains. The third and the last phase is Group Exercises and the Interview. 

Prelims Exam 

The Preliminary exam consists of questions from 3 subjects- English Language (30 questions), Quantitative Aptitude (35 Questions) and Reasoning Ability (35 Questions). The total number of questions is 100 which need to be completed within the time duration of 1 hour. You must aim to devote not more than 20 minutes to each of the above mentioned 3 sections. 

Mains Exam 

The SBI PO Mains exam is further divided into Objective Test and Subjective/ Descriptive Test. 

The Objective Test consists of questions from 4 subjects. The Reasoning & Computer Aptitude section has 45 questions which should be attempted in not more than 60 minutes. The Data Analysis & Interpretation section consists of 35 questions which must be completed within a duration of 60 minutes. The General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness Section comprises 40 questions that must be completed within 40 minutes. Lastly, the English Language section has 35 questions that must be attempted in not more than 40 minutes.

The Subjective/ Descriptive Test consists of 2 questions of the English Language (Letter Writing & Essay). The total marks allotted to this section is 50 marks. This section should be completed within 30 minutes. Thus, the entire Mains exam consists of 157 questions and the total marks are 250 marks. The maximum duration of the Mains Exam is 3.5 hours. 

  1. Devise a Study Plan for Each Subject

Each subject has different requirements. So, prepare a unique and practical strategy for each subject. Devote more study hours to your weaker subjects. Instead of blindly emulating the toppers’ strategy, prepare a strategy based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. To strengthen your English, make a habit of reading. It will help you to improve your vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Regularly keep in touch with the current happenings, with an emphasis on the current affairs of the banking and financial sector. 

  1. Thoroughly Revise from Previous Year Question Papers 

Practising from the Previous Year Question Papers will increase your familiarity with the kind of question asked in the exam. Regular revisions of the past questions will help you to identify the most important portions of the syllabus. You can refer to the subject-wise previous year questions on several online platforms. After completing a particular topic from a subject, you can test yourself by solving the previous year questions from the same topic. If you follow this, you are bound to succeed in the SBI PO exam. 

  1. Aim for Conceptual Clarity instead of Rote Learning 

If you aim for a conceptual, in-depth understanding of the topics, you will be able to retain and recollect the studied topics during the exam. Rote learning must be avoided because there are high chances that you won’t be able to remember the topics that you have mugged up. Try to reason out whatever you study. The time spent on understanding a topic is never wasted. Strengthen your basics and revisit them from time to time for better results. 

  1. Take Help from Online Study Materials and Tutorial Videos

Several aspirants have successfully cleared this exam through self-studies. Simplify your preparation by taking the aid of credible online sources for study materials. If you are not able to understand a particular topic, watch a tutorial video to obtain clarity on that topic. Take full advantage of technology and the internet to clear the SBI PO exam with flying colours. 

  1. Practice is the key to ace SBI PO Exam 

To ace any exam, consistent practice is the key to success. Initially, you will exceed the time limit while solving the mock tests. But if you keep practising and keep working on your weaknesses, you will improve very quickly. The more you practice, the better you will be able to perform in the exam. Practice will also help you master the topics and it will give you an edge over other candidates. So, practice as much as you can before appearing for the exam.

  1. Limit Guesswork as much as possible

The SBI PO exam has a negative marking scheme, thus, avoid guesswork. First, solve all the questions that you know well. Then, approach those questions in which you are confused between 2 options. Then, approach the questions that you don’t know at all. Don’t spend too much time on questions that you don’t know in the SBI PO exam. Save yourself from negative marking by not attempting the questions that you don’t know at all. Practising mock tests will help you tremendously to fetch more marks and a high ranking in the SBI PO exam.

In conclusion, there are no shortcuts to ace the SBI PO exam. Ultimately, your determination and hard work can only help you perform excellently in the exam. To survive the preparation process, find out your purpose behind appearing for the exam. Take short breaks to rejuvenate yourself during the study sessions. Sleep well before the exam to stay active and give your best. If you follow the above-listed tips, no one can stop you from cracking the SBI PO exam. All the best!