Smartphone vs Cellphone: Is it the time to go back?

The smartphone overshadows the cellphone. However, the cellphone still has a place in the mobile industry. Mobiles have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1970s. Today mobiles have effectively split into two categories. Those more like tablets are smartphones, and those that remain more basic phones without apps are cellphones. The smartphone has not completely replaced the cellphone yet. So, is it worth reverting back to a cellphone?

Motorola introduced the first cellphone in 1973. Although that did not become widely available at the time, and it was not until the 1980s that cellphones such as the Motorola DynaTAC really took off. Then they were just phones and not a lot else.

All that changed, however, when IBM launched the first smartphone in the early ’90s. From then on, smartphones based on software platforms have expanded considerably. Android and iOS have become the most prevalent mobile software platforms with which users can add loads of handy apps. Thus, the smartphone has effectively become a miniature tablet.

So the advantages of a smartphone, with a mobile OS, compared to a cellphone might seem fairly obvious. This gives them a much wider variety of functions than a cellphone. For example, you can play games, play online casino from this page, music, send emails, edit your images, browse the Web and much more besides with a smartphone. Consequently, it might not seem that there is much of a contest between smartphones and cellphones.

Nevertheless, cellphones are still available as an alternative to smartphones. This might simply be down to the fact that smartphones mobiles aren’t just phones anymore. What if you just want a basic phone without all the extra bells and whistles that come with the smartphones? Then the cellphone could be a better choice than the smartphone.

Cellphones are an even better alternative when you consider the cost. Most cellphones are considerably cheaper than smartphones. Some cellphones even have free contract prices. Furthermore, smartphones also have more expensive data plans, which most cellphones don’t include. As such, the cellphone is effectively a budget alternative to the smartphone.

Another advantage of cellphones is their batteries. The flip phones have longer-lasting batteries than smartphones. You will certainly need to recharge your cellphone battery less than a smartphone’s battery.

It’s also worth noting that cellphones have expanded their functions to incorporate cameras. Most now include cameras so that you can take photographs and record video with them, and some also include photo transfer options. Sure, smartphone camera quality is better; but you can still take snapshots with cellphones if you need to.

So cellphones do have their advantages. If you’re not interested in apps and just need a phone, then they’re probably a better alternative. But if you need more from a handset, it’s best to go for a smartphone.