SMS Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Sales

Effective, well-planned SMS marketing strategies have been extensively proven to be very effective in boosting sales. There are so many different applications for SMS marketing that every business can benefit from if they are implemented correctly. SMS can be used to directly reach your customers, to help them stay secure online, and as a way to increase the effectiveness of the other marketing strategies which your business employs. It is important to identify the best uses of SMS for your particular company and to devise a winning strategy for employing those tactics.

To help you plan a winning strategy, here are four SMS marketing tactics that can seriously boost your sales.

1. Use SMS Marketing for Customer Outreach

A major factor in SMS’s potential for boosting sales is that it is the most popular way for people around the world to communicate. The experts at explain that there are significantly more people who send text messages than any other kind of message so the potential size of your customer base is really without limits. Furthermore, text messages have a significantly higher open rate than email, snail mail, or any other form of communication. Marketing studies have found that over 90% of all text messages are opened and that more than 50% of these get a response.

SMS inboxes don’t mark text messages as spam mail as email does so you can be sure that your customer outreach messages get to your target. All mobile phones already have SMS capability and everyone knows how to use it so they won’t have to learn anything new or download any additional program or app to view your outreach texts. You can use SMS to advertise promotions, share important information with customers, and get their feedback on your products. All of these are very useful in building and securing your customer base and boosting your sales.

2. Make Your Customers Feel Safe Through SMS

These days we are all increasingly concerned about our safety and privacy online. If your customers trust you, they are far more likely to buy your products or invest in your services. You can make your customers feel safer by using SMS for 2-step verification. When customers try to access their account on your website or try to make an online payment, they will receive a verification code by text message which they will need to enter on their computer.

This will keep your customers safe from hackers and will show them that you care about their security. If you don’t use 2-step verification and a hacker is able to access your customer’s account or steal their personal information from you, your customers will lose their faith in you and this could be devastating for your business.

3. Use SMS to Strengthen Your Other Marketing Tactics

SMS is both an excellent stand-alone marketing tool and is also very effective for strengthening your other marketing tactics. When you send out an email to customers, for example, they may not see it among the countless emails they receive, or their filters may mistakenly dismiss it to the junk folder. By sending the customer a supplementary text informing them that they have received an informative email, you can significantly increase the open rate of your marketing emails.

This text message does not need to say anything other than that you have emailed the customer a special offer and that they should check their junk mail if they can’t see it in their inbox. The information which you want to give the customer can then be put in the email itself.  SMS messages can be similarly used to increase engagement with your business’s social media pages by sending a text message to your customers notifying them of a new post of social media promotion.

4. Make Your Customers Feel Special with SMS

Some people still have a negative view of SMS marketing because when it first became popular twenty years ago, we were all inundated with unsolicited text messages promotions and advertisements. This led to strict regulations being imposed which means that unsolicited texts cannot be sent to customers under the punishment of significant fines.

This has brought a real air of exclusivity to SMS so you can make your customers feel very special by signing them up to elite mailing lists. Your customer will know that if they receive a text message from you, it must be about something important because you are not permitted to just send them out to anyone, at any time. Customers these days are always willing to pay more if they feel like they are receiving an exclusive product or service so this is very effective for boosting sales.

There are so many excellent SMS marketing strategies that can have a hugely positive effect on your business’s sales. SMS, more than any other communication medium, is a direct line to your customers which can almost guarantee they receive and read your message. Try out these four SMS marketing tactics and you will soon see the difference they can make to your business’s bottom line.

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