Steps To Choose the Right Software Development Partner

A software development partner is either a group of IT professionals or a company that can assist you in successfully delivering a functional software project. There are numerous reasons why a company would wish to hire a software development partner, such as insufficient resources or a gap in their skill set. You might want to hire a software developer simply because you have a short-term project, and it would be more convenient than hiring permanent staff. If you are considering outsourcing your software project, this article will guide you on the steps to choose the right software development partner.

Evaluate your budget

Before bringing in an outsourced team, ensure your budget can support high-quality talents and skill sets. Remember that you are to avoid the lowest bidder while maintaining a middle ground that will guarantee you a fair price and quality work. It would be a shame to hire a partner who will eventually cause a strain on your finances.

Figure out why you need to outsource

Jot down the list of reasons you feel the need to outsource all of your projects or a small portion to a software development partner. Once you figure out your reasons for outsourcing, try to consider what impact your software development partner will have on your in-house team.

Define project scope and deadlines

Make sure your goals and expectations are clear from the word go. Defining your project scope and deadlines will let your outsourced team know what is expected of them and enable them to integrate with your company accordingly. You will also be in a position to plan for the resources required to get the job done and prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings.

Consider the geographic location

The geographic location of your software development partner will affect how your in-house team operates. For instance, if you are contracting the services of software development companies in Argentina, you will have to factor in the difference in time zones, language barrier, and cultural differences. Whether you are hiring onshore, nearshore, or offshore, ensure that the developer you choose will be the best choice for your company.

Select an appropriate outsourcing model

There are multiple ways to outsource development partners, namely, project-based and staff augmentation, to name a few. The staff augmentation model is mostly used by technical managers, who prefer an option that guarantees flexibility, scalability, and control. On the other hand, if you have no problem entrusting the entire project to your development partner, you should choose the project-based model.

Draw a comparison of potential partners

Come up with a list of potential partners and compare their prices, geological locations, and skillsets. It would be best to hire through a firm instead of hiring a freelancer as you are assured of getting a high-quality performance. Once you are satisfied with your choices, contact the shortlisted candidates and request them to come in for an interview. Please pay attention to their communication skills and assign them coding challenges to assess their skills.

Wrapping up

Bringing on board a software development partner is a huge step in any company, which should be carefully deliberated upon. Outsourcing will help you cut costs and empower you to accelerate the development of your company.