Ten best App Monetization Strategies in 2019

You should know that regardless of whether your product is good or not, you should make an effort to target your different customers. You may think that just because you have already created everything, it does not mean that people will already check out your app. You need to make an effort to market your app properly.

There are some model startups that you can use so that you can start offering your app. There are some advantages and disadvantages that will come with each model. You can just choose the model that will work best for your needs.

Some Terms You Should Know

It will be easier to understand the different business models that are available if you know some of the most common terms that are used with business models:

  • Revenue Model – This is the strategy that is used that will help manage the resources for each revenue stream.
  • Revenue Stream – This is the company’s source of revenue. There are some companies that will come with no revenue in the beginning because they are just starting out. The size of the company will also have an effect on the revenue that people will get.
  • Business Model – This is the structure that will come with the different aspects of the company which will include both revenue model and revenue stream. The business model will make it clearer for everyone to understand how all of these will work together.

What about for app monetization models? What are you going to use to make more money?

Some Strategies You Should Know

There are many things that you can do so that you can begin getting money for the apps that you are trying to sell. Some would still charge a bit for their apps but most app creators would allow their apps to be downloaded for free. If there are some extra charges that will be acquired, these charges will be in-app.

These are some of the strategies that you can do so that you can start selling your app:

  1. Start Advertising

You need to know that advertising is going to be one of the things that you can do so that you can start earning more money. People will check out the advertisements and click on these ads. Your revenue can be received from clicks, views, and actual conversions from people who have become interested in the ads that you have shown.

  1. Create a “Freemium” app

Some people would like to create an app that can be downloaded for free but it would also come with a premium option that people may choose to download and purchase if they believe that they need the extra features that will come with the app. A lot of free apps will provide basic needs but if the user wants to maximize the use of the app, a purchase has to be made.

  1. In-App Purchases are Necessary

If you would like to offer your app for free but you would like some extra features to only become available after users purchase, you can use the in-app strategy. This is one of the recognized ways that apps can make money. They can purchase with their real money some extra lives and extra features that will make the app even more fun to use.

  1. Subscriptions

Do you have an application that will have the ability to provide certain services to your customers? If you answer yes, then you know that you can deliver the right content. You can share some news about the things that you know your users need, and so much more. For people to continue getting some news, they can pay to continue with the subscriptions.

  1. White Labeling

This is the process by which you can start selling your own application code so that different companies can also sell their own applications. This can be effective if you have done an app but you have some difficulty in trying to sell it. You can make this your specialty and sell it so that it can be used under the names of other potential apps. The key here is to make sure that you will develop it well. The more that you develop it, the better that app distribution will be possible.

  1. Paid-Only

This may be the most obvious way to make money on your app but you know that this is also the trickiest option available. You need to show why your app deserves to be purchased. There are hundreds of apps that are free so why would people choose yours over all the others? If you would be able to prove it, you can make money from it.

  1. Create an Email List

This may not be one of the first things that you will think about when you are trying to monetize your app. Yet, this is known to work because people rarely change the email address that they use. By allowing people to accept getting an email from you, the more that you can advertise and share the latest developments regarding your app.

  1. Get Sponsors or Partners

Your app will not be able to stand on its own when it is free. You may need the help of other people to keep your app afloat. Some sponsors or partners may be able to add some extra features that will make users love your app more. Sponsors will also help convince people why your app should be downloaded soon.

  1. SMS Prompts

There are some people who may want to get notifications from the app that they have downloaded. This will let them know if the app is available to be played again and so much more. Send details about app updates and so much more to make people more interested in your app.

  1. Refresh Your App’s Content

What is one reason why people will find it hard to stop using your app? This is because you make it a point to change the content depending on what you think your users will love. Some users who have not used your app before may become more enticed with the new things that you will offer.

Your mobile app can be awesome and it can allow you to earn a lot of money. It may not be easy but think about the different strategies that you can use to make the most out of the app that you have created.

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