The Modern Marketing Perspective: On-Demand Marketing Solutions

On-Demand Marketing transforms the manner in which businesses serve their internal customer service functions. A new approach in the developing On-Demand Economy, On-Demand Marketing, efficiently eliminates the usual restraints and risks of full-time human resource management, effectively reducing the overall costs and risks of company-wide marketing. In contrast to traditional resource allocation methods, On-Demand Marketing eliminates the cost of human capital management and allows companies to tap into the wide range of available talented staff at a fraction of their conventional cost. This method also significantly reduces the overall operating expense and employee turnover, while increasing employee retention and productivity.

How On-demand Marketing Helps Businesses

By creating and delivering online video and podcast content experiences, on-demand Marketing allows marketers to connect with prospects, in real-time, for personalized one-on-one marketing communications. Marketers can use SpotifyStorm to boost their podcast’s reach. Video and podcast communication are inherently more personal and infinitely more engaging than other traditional media because they offer immediate, one-to-one contact, which creates instant customer connection and loyalty. The widespread use of video and podcasts in marketing communications has paved the way for marketers to create compelling video and podcast content experiences that help clients connect with their prospects in a natural, non-judgmental, and supportive way.

Video and podcasting can dramatically increase on-demand marketing revenues as they provide a cost-effective method to deliver high-quality audio and video webinars to businesses. With the recent boom in mobile video, marketers are able to easily transmit high-quality audio and video webinars to their prospects. With the expansion of mobile video sharing websites like YouTube, marketers are able to reach a larger audience than ever before. As a result of this convenient yet cost-effective delivery method, more marketers are realizing the significant advantages of on-demand marketing.

Providing Useful Content For Your Target Market

One of the best uses for on-demand marketing is for providing information to prospects and potential customers through a series of increasingly useful videos or podcasts. In today’s challenging economy, it has become nearly impossible to generate new business leads by cold calling or prospecting alone. The overwhelming majority of people who are not seeking a physical meeting will not waste their time with you unless they have a very strong need to do so. By providing them access to information via a digital service, you increase their likelihood of engaging with your offers and increasing their level of trust in you and your company.

The Potential To Reach Millions

Another area in which on-demand marketing is finding a place in today’s marketplace is in video sharing sites. Millions of individuals turn to YouTube and other video-sharing sites each day to educate themselves on a variety of topics. This large group of consumers has the power to potentially make any marketer incredibly wealthy if they can successfully pitch their message in front of this targeted demographic. Many companies have discovered the amazing potential of video marketing and the ability it has to reach a global audience.

A Solution For Small Business Marketing Problems

The third use of on-demand marketing is marketing for small businesses. Smaller businesses often face unique challenges and obstacles that larger companies do not. Business owners often feel like they need to reach out to consumers on a more personal level in order to retain and grow their client base. By allowing consumers to create profiles on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, small business owners have the opportunity to take their message to millions of potential customers without spending thousands on expensive marketing campaigns. By providing them with an easy-to-use video widget or desktop software application, marketers are taking advantage of an extremely cost-effective strategy for engaging potential customers.

By allowing marketers to provide their clients with easy-to-use, cost-effective, and time-effective applications, these companies are taking the idea of an on-demand marketing solution and expanding it globally. In addition to the massive amount of money they can save by not having to hire a large marketing firm to drive traffic to their websites, smaller companies can take advantage of a powerful marketing solution that provides them with access to a wide consumer base. By allowing smaller marketers to take advantage of these services, marketers are giving them a shot at making a big name for themselves on social media and becoming known to a new client base.

Marketing executives across all sizes should be recognizing the tremendous potentials in on-demand marketing. It is not just about reaching out to existing clients but also provides a great way to tap into new markets. By tapping into the larger consumer base, marketers are providing a service for small businesses and giving them a shot at developing new leads. This process is fast becoming recognized as one of the most efficient ways to develop new clients while retaining old ones. For these reasons, companies everywhere are beginning to recognize the potential in offering this on-demand marketing solution.