The Most Important Online Video Game Conferences in the Second Half of 2020

Most gaming fans are very excited about the upcoming conferences in the industry. During such events, we can find out what games will be released soon – will there be a new installment of Resident Evil? Or will the developers come up with some new revolutionizing ideas? Or maybe there are some promising career opportunities in the industry?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to organize video game conferences in their full form. Even the most renowned event in the industry, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3, took place only in a limited, online form. However, the fact that most events are happening on the internet nowadays has its advantages as well. Now, you do not have to travel anywhere to participate in conferences organized all around the world. Players can just grab some snacks and drinks, sit in their PS4 gaming chairs, listen or even talk to the developers, and enjoy the exciting news.

Let’s find out what video game conferences are still upcoming in the second half of 2020!

Sweden Game Conference

Such famous franchises as Battlefield, Europa Universalis, or Just Cause have been developed in Sweden, and this country has its own exciting gaming event! It is one of the leading Europe’s conferences for startups, indie developers, and students. You can attend it online this year on 21-23rd October.

This event is mostly focused on career, business, and the craft of game development. There will be many workshops, panels, and talks with speakers from the worldwide gaming industry. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Swedish indie developers who created, for example, Robbotto or A Year Walk, it is a great place to start!

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit

Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit is the largest gaming convention in the Philippines, and this year it will happen in a full online form on 23-25th October. You can expect there many exciting features, focusing on hardware and game showcases, interviews with prominent industry guests, and esport competitions and exhibitions during the whole online event.

White Nights Fall Online

On October 26-30th, you will be able to virtually visit five cities where this event is taking place – Helsinki, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, and Seattle. You can learn a lot from major experts, check out prospective games from various countries, meet new business partners, and talk to leading platforms’ representatives and publishers. It will be five days of networking and talks held by the prominent leaders of the gaming industry!

The program includes Dev Expo, and also numerous video calls, chats, meetings 24/7, a modern virtual expo with famous developers, and not only. All of that can be accessed on the White Nights Hub platform.

XDS20 Adapt

On 27th October, the 8th XDS event will start online. This conference gathers hundreds of experts who can cooperate to improve the practice of external development for the gaming industry. During XD20 Adapt, you will have access to expert content and structured networking for four days. This conference is very international, as it is attended by publishers, developers, and service providers from more than 45 countries.


MEGAMIGS is one of the most significant events in the Canadian video game industry. This year, it has been transferred to an online format and split into two parts. On September 25-26, there was a training and career event that included international talent recruitment at various levels and the academic program ecosystem showcase.

The second part of the conference will take place on 12-13th November, and it will focus on business development and the industry showcase. There will be media meetings, round tables and panels, professional networking, and a virtual showroom.

Fun & Serious Game Festival

During the Fun & Serious Game Festival, happening on the 10th December, you will see selected honorary winners and other significant participants who attended this event in the last decade. Their talks will be broadcast live, and you will be able to watch them online from any place in the world.

So far, among the industry stars who confirmed their presence, you will find, for instance, Tim Willits, who has worked with such franchises as Quake or DOOM, and Marc Merrill, the chairman and co-founder of Riot Games, particularly famous for League of Legends.


As you can see, despite the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all around the world, there are many video game conferences happening in the second half of 2020. As they are held online, you can participate in them without leaving your home and covering the traveling expenses.

You can attend, for example, the Sweden Gaming Conference and check what is happening in the fatherland of such appreciated developers as Paradox Interactive. Moreover, you can find numerous opportunities to get a job in the gaming industry or find partnering developers, during such events as White Nights Fall Online, XD20 Adapt, or MEGAMIGS. Even during the pandemic, new video games are and will be developed!