The Most Interesting Technology You Didn’t Know Already Exists

Technology moves so fast these days that trying to keep up with it all can seem almost impossible. Therefore, it is no great surprise to find that there have been some exciting advances that you probably don’t yet know about.

Stealth Clothing That Can’t Be Spotted by Cameras

The idea of clothing that makes the wearer invisible to on-lookers has long captivated the imagination of writers and film-makers. While this sounds like something that belongs in the realms of science fiction, real-world inventors have been working hard on turning it into something that could be used in everyday life.

Among the companies making big advances in this area is the Stealth Wear startup. Their anti-drone clothing line up uses the latest technology to allow the wearer to avoid being spotted by thermal cameras and similar devices. The clothes work by using a synthetic fabric that reflects thermal energy, making it impossible to identify them.

A Wearable Device That Can Alter Your Nervous System

The Thync startup company has focused on producing a piece of wearable technology that can alter our brain’s functions. It is non-invasive and was initially introduced in 2015, as a way of helping people to feel more energy and less stress. Working through the use of neuro-stimulation techniques, their wearable is now aimed at treating psoriasis.

It is made up of a triangle-shaped object that goes on the side on the side of the user’s forehead while a couple of wires are attached to their skin. There seems to be some way to go before it becomes a mainstream venture, but there is no denying the exciting possibilities that this technology raises.

Trading Robots Can Make Their Own Decisions

Trading on the financial markets has changed a lot in recent years, with online platforms allowing investors to make their trades comfortably at home. However, an even more important revolution could be on the way, with trading bots capable of making smart decisions and carrying them out on behalf of the trader.

A robot forex tool is essentially a computer program or algorithm that scans the market looking for opportunities to make money with profitable trades. All the trader has to do is decide which strategies or parameters to include and then set it off and running. The bot can then either advise of opportunities that meet the criteria or else carry out the trade on their own.

Exoskeletons Are Already Being Used in Different Environments

Another object that comes straight from the minds of sci-fi writers, exoskeletons are external skeletons that protect the wearer from harm or give them extra strength. In nature, this often takes the form of tough shells. Xbox and PC gamers will be familiar with seeing this sort of device on characters on their screens, but how close is it to be an option for real-life use?

Well, a powered exoskeleton was first made in the 1960s by General Electric but its unwieldiness made it unsuitable for practical uses. Yet, there are now hundreds of different models around that help the likes of warehouse and manufacturing employees to carry out tough tasks more easily. It is expected that military and police forces could start to use them before too long.

Force Fields Can Be Used to Protect Structures

Force fields are generally invisible but incredibly powerful types of shield that protect crafts or buildings from harm. They add an interesting twist to many movies by creating a barrier that is almost impossible to breach, but you won’t ever have seen one in real life. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have the technology to create them, though.

The Boeing aviation company took out a patent on force field technology in 2015. It wouldn’t be capable of stopping a bullet or other projectile fired directly at the structure being protected, but it would kick into life if a nearby explosion threatened to reach it. An arc generator and laser pulses would heat up the air, acting as a barrier that stops the blast from causing any damage.

These are just a few of the fascinating advances made in technology in recent years. By keeping an eye on the latest technology news, you are sure to spot some other new creations that you hadn’t been aware of.

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