Things to keep in mind before buying Refurbished Devices

If you have ever seen signs in shop windows for refurbished Apple phones or Samsung devices then you may have wondered what this was all about. That is why today we are going to talk about what exactly these refurbished items are, and what the pros and cons of buying such devices will be. Many consumers prefer to buy refurbished electronics as opposed to used or pre-owned devices, so let’s take a deeper look into why they are so appealing, and what drawbacks there are in buying such products.

What Are Refurbished Devices?

For one reason or another, someone will return their device to the manufacturer, this may be because there is a fault with it after they have bought it new, or it could be as part of a returns policy which that company has offered. When these devices are sent back to the manufacturer they are given a new lease of life thanks to a refurb. The device will be given a diagnostics test to see what issues there are, it will be repaired and fully cleaned before going back on sale, almost as good as new. Sometimes individuals look to refurb devices as well, but the quality is never the same as when this has been done by the manufacturer.

Pros of Buying Refurbed Items


The cost of these devices is significantly lower than that of a brand new item, yet they are in fact as close to new as you can get. Owing to the fact that they are not factory-new, they can often be sold with a fantastic discount.

Tried and Tested

The same certification and testing are completed on these devices as they do with the new products, so you can be safe in the knowledge that they meet all of the standards when it comes to the parts within the device.


Refurbishing a product is much better than dumping in landfills so when you buy a device like this you can be sure that you are doing something to help the environment and prevent unnecessary waste.


When you by a refurbished item from a manufacturer you can have absolute confidence that the device will work perfectly well. If you buy from a 3rd party seller then you can’t expect the same level of reliability, as the testing process will be different.

Cons of Buying Refurbed Items

Short Warranty

To entice people to buy these products the manufacturer will tag on a warranty that can protect you should anything go wrong. The downside of this is that the warranty is far shorter than you would get on a new device.

Lifespan Worries

When you buy a new product you can be 100% sure of what the lifespan of the device is, not something which you can say for a refurbed item. Naturally, your short term warranty will cover you for the first year, but beyond that, it is a guessing game as to how long you can expect the device to be working at its best.

As you can see, the pros of buying devices like this far outweigh the cons, so why not look for a refurbed item the next time that you go gadget shopping?