6 Things You Can Learn From Osama Bin Laden About Blogging


Osama Bin Laden’s assassination was the trending topic in every news media and in every online news website. Many bloggers also covered his death. I know, the US had worked hard, and for long, to tackle Osama, but it was not an easy job for them! But they finally succeeding in capturing and killing him.

While reading about him from past 10 years, I learnt something valuable from Osama Bin Laden (Don’t worry, I am not going to lecture on any terrorist activities). I want to implement something from Osama’s lifestyle into my blogging career. There are many things that we bloggers can learn from Osama Bin Laden’s life. Check out the points below:

  1. Get noticed by writing controversial articles: Osama’s name became (in)famous after he attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11. Before that, he was an unknown person, for the common man. Here we need to follow him (guys, think positively!). Yes, we should make a bang in the blogosphere and we should create some controversies, in order to get noticed. If we do the same as all bloggers do, then we will be getting behind the screens always. Make some controversial articles and post it in your blog. I also planned a big controversial post in my blog very soon.
  2. Try to be in the news lines always: Wherever any blasts or terrorist attacks occurred, Osama was taking the credit for it, which made him remain famous (or infamous)! Whatever – wasn’t he noticed by the world? Bloggers should not post one controversial article and sit quietly. Try to be in the limelight for some days. Try to get noticed and be in the front line, whenever any controversial news or articles comes. If you have earlier tried to become famous in the blogosphere and not succeeded yet, then this method may give you success.
  3. Be ready for the surprises always: Osama was always ready for the attack. Bloggers should always be ready for the traffic surge. If you write any viral article or important news on your blog, then be ready for the viral traffic also. Many of bloggers will not take this seriously, and I saw many a blogs going down for 2 days after getting a sudden increase in their visits. If you are writing controversial articles, then you should ready to get viral traffic also.
  4. Increase networking with other online entrepreneurs: How did Osama survive 10 years after the 9/11 attack on the world leader US? Here, US is a technologically leading and a strong military based country and everyone knows about Osama’s country and hideouts. This was only happened because of his good network with all terrorists around the world. Bloggers also should use blog networks and should be in touch with all the bloggers around the world to survive in the blogosphere. You will get good support from your blogger friends.
  5. You should help other bloggers and try to solve their problems and surely, you will also get help and your problem will be solved from your good networks. Join some forums of your niche, join blogging groups, and join many blog network websites such as bloggers.com and technorati.com. Say, if you are a Windows blogger and an enthusiast, join TheWindowsClub Forums. Actively connect with all your blogging friends. LinkedIn is also a great place to increase your blogging network. You will get huge traffic from these networks, if you actively participate over there. Do you know that, Osama had better leadership quality than Barack Obama, unfortunately, he went over to the dark side and got killed. Implement leadership quality in your life  positively – and don’t take the wrong side!

  6. Escape Strategy: Do you know that, Osama was changing his hideout from one place to another until he get a great hideout at Abottabad, Pakistan, where he lived more than 5 years. You also need to change your niche and you should try all the ideas in blogging until you get a great and safe income source or successful blog. You should not stick to the old plan always; change your plans according to the attraction it gets and the money you earn from that source. I know, it is hard to give up your old blogs, but my suggestion for you is, always be ready to escape from your current plan. Improvise and re-invent yourself evry now and then!
  7. Use all the tools that are available to you: This is the important point, which will be taken note of. Can you believe that Osama Bin Laden managed to escape from US and their allies military force since the last 10 years, without any telephone connection or using the typical communication media? As a blogger, you too should use all and any resource at your disposal.
  8. When he was shot down this month (May 2011) at his hideout in Abottabad, Pakistan, US military found that he was not using mobile phones, wired telephones, and internet. He managed to communicate with the outside world only through written letters. He was not even talked to the news reporters directly. He was recording his video message to the world by himself and he was sending it to the reporters.

    By this, we bloggers should learn many things. With Osama’s dedication towards his work (good or bad) he managed to hide from the world. You have many facilities online and offline, you can speak openly, you have the freedom of speech and why can’t you survive for 10 years in blogging? Why can’t you increase your identity? Why can’t you get noticed by the world? And ultimately, why not you make money online and get rich through your blog? If Osama Bin Laden can fight with the militaries with low graded guns and bullets, why can’t you use all your blogging tools effectively? Why can’t you use small tools like in-page SEO, commenting, and guest posting?

    You have mobile phones, telephones, SMS, email, Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, to submit your blog posts, forums to talk about your blog and solve the problems. Online chatting facilities such as Facebook chat, GTalk, AIM, and Yahoo messenger and so all – all completely free. So many blogs out there like ours or TheWindowsClub to post some good guest posts and you can comment over there, which increases the relationship with the blog author and increase your search engine positions too. You don’t have any restrictions friends; you can achieve more than you are doing it right now.

    The only thing you have to do is, motivate yourself. So many media are available; but bloggers are not utilizing them completely.

Follow these six points and see how they will change your blogging life, if you implement them. I am not telling you to become a terrorist. But, you need to learn many positive things from the negative people around the world.

Final word! My name is Musthafa and I am not a terrorist … but a blogger!

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