This is the newest and one of the safest virtual meeting place online

It seems we humans have a natural tendency to flirt. This should explain the rise and rise of LuckyCrush, the new flirt-joint on the world wide web. It is a virtual world out there and LuckyCrush offers one of the safest medium to engage in virtual flirting online.

All of it started as a fun project among three French enthusiasts though who might have known the sort of response it received in just a year of its existence. Launched in 2019, LuckyCrush has grown to now have a million registered members from over a hundred countries worldwide.

The pandemic has proved to be a shot in the arm as the global lockdown period led to a more than 50 percent increase in registrations. The reasons are apparent as the social distancing norms in force post the pandemic outbreak led people to search for other ways to do what they’d normally do in real life.

However, it just isn’t the coronavirus that led to the rise of LuckyCrush, for the site does come with some inherent positives of its own as well. Prime among this is, of course, the level of privacy and security it offers its users. Users sure can engage in video chats though there is always the option to remain hidden and go for text or voice exchanges as well if you aren’t comfortable with cam chat.

The company also encourages users to never do or share anything that they would not do in real life as they set out to chat with strangers. Users are also discouraged from sharing any sensitive info via the platform that can prove to be a bugbear later on. Your username is the only thing that other members will see of you, making it safe for serious males and females to come online and interact among themselves.

The mode of working is also as simple as ever as a simple click on the Next button will lead them to the next available member to chat online. If you don’t like the partner you are chatting with, you can call it quits by clicking on next that will introduce you to the next available member to chat. This way, each chatting session can last a few seconds to hours on end, until either of you has hit the next button.

LuckyCrush however, says they aren’t a dating site. They’d rather describe themselves as an anonymous chat site where males and females can come online and chat for as long as they want, and with whoever they want to. That said, the topic of discussion is entirely on the members, which can be anything serious to downright naughty.

However, there is no option to engage in group chats, though. It’s only a one-to-one affair. Also, as LuckyCrush pointed out, they make it a point to see their site has equal representation of both male and female members so that pairing with opposite partners is always easy and quick. Getting started is also easy as you just have to mention your gender and click on Start Searching to initiate random video chats. You will be presented with a few probable partners before you ill be prompted to register online to start chatting.

LuckyCrush meanwhile stated they are only admitting straight oriented members at the moment but said this should not mean they aren’t sensitive to the sentiments of the LGBT community. While its true the system in its present state is optimized to host 50 percent representation of both males and females, the company said this has been done to ensure both males and females have maximum chances of ending up a meeting with a chatting partner and chat with girls and guys.

LuckyCrush though has assured same-sex meetings are currently being studied, and a method for them to engage in chats should be available soon. That said, it probably would be a separate chat site that the same-sex community will have to interact among themselves.

Another inherent positive with the platform is that there is no need for you to install any app on your device to get started. Rather, it is entirely web-based, which means you have to go to the company website to get started, which can be via any device with internet connectivity, be it with a desktop, a mobile device, or such.