Tips to boost, prolong, extend your Smartphone Battery

Everyone has a moment in life when your smartphone is running low on battery. It continuously notifies you of “battery low signals”. It is very hectic and frustrating to hear that “battery low” sound.

So we at TGC have brought some tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Dim the screen – We all love to watch those short clips on our smartphone while we are on the move. Watching videos on that bright display is really a nice experience. But that bright display of you smartphone sucks in a lot of battery. So always dim the screen for normal usage of your smartphone.

2. Keep the screen timeout short –¬†Always set your screen timeout to the shortest available as it will save a lot of battery of your smartphone.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi – Some of us forget to turn off Bluetooth after receiving files or WiFi after our internet session is over which eats a lot over battery. Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use can add to an extra hour of the battery.

4. Use your GPS carefully – GPS is big battery eater. It continuously send signals to satellites to set your location. Some Apps use GPS to track the location of restaurants and other destinations. So, you may restrict your phone’s GPS from these apps¬† if not required.

5. Kill extra apps – Apps also eat some percentage of your battery. So kill all the apps which are not in use.

So, we don’t want to hear that battery low “beep”. Going by the tips’ way can really save your phone’s battery.And some apps like JuiceDefender for Android can help you expand your battery’s life.

Things are a little easier in Windows Phone. Open Settings > Battery Saver and check on Always turn on Battery saver when battery is low and also Turn on Battery Saver now, until next rexharge. This turns off some services to help preserve and extend your battery.

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