What is Titan security chip in Google Pixel 3 Smartphone

titan security

The Mountain View tech firm has now taken a step further towards strengthening on device security. They use their custom-engineered dedicated secure storage within the chipset. The Titan security chip delivers enterprise-grade security. Google PIxels were the best android device due to their smooth UI, powerful hardware and a whopping camera. Then there are the promised monthly security patches and up to three years of guaranteed major Android OS upgrades.

Titan security chip
Titan (left) and Titan M (right) credits: Google

What is Titan security chip and Why it is important?

The Titan M or the Titan security chip is a dedicated security chip for the Pixel 3 lineup. It not only secures sensitive device data but also ensures the secure boot.  This makes it harder to compromise a Pixel 3 device. Google says that the Titan M has many inhabited features from the Titan chips that are powering the Google Cloud data centers. They are tailored and cut down to be installed on a smartphone.

Google has explained the different ways the Titan M protect your phone. First is to protect Android from tampering using deeper integration with Verified Boot.

Titan M stores the last known safe Android version and prevents bad actors. It prevents from moving your device back to run on an older, potentially vulnerable, version of Android behind your back.

Second, it helps in encrypting lock screen. It makes the process of guessing multiple password combinations harder by limiting the number of possible login attempts, thus making brute force attacks impossible.

Third, the Titan security chip secures transfer sensitive information like making contactless transactions and using mobile banking apps.  It makes sure you have your peace of mind when managing your financial transaction on the smartphone.

Fourth, the APIs have also opened by Google which the app developers can use to generate and store private keys for their apps. With the integration with Android Pie that comes pre-installed on these new Pixels making things seamless.

Lastly, the Titan security chip can never be updated or controlled unless the device has been unlocked. Thus, defending all those malicious codes through USB not to penetrate thoroughly.

A further detailed read up on the new Titan M can be found over at Google’s Android Developers official blog post.

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