Top 10 Games to Play on Google+

Before few months, many rumors were spreading about the introduction of games in Google+. Recently, Google started games on its new social networking site Google+.

Google wants to make sure that Google+ include all the features to make it as a legend in the social networking websites in order to marks them as No1.

If you are one of the lucky users, you can find a new symbol of Games at the top of the screen, you will find, Home, Photos, Profile, Circles. After Circles, you will find a new stream with a symbol which is called as “Games”. Click on the Games, and you will be directed to the Games page,you will find different featured games in this section. Select any game you want and click Play button.

However this feature is not rolled out to all the profiles across the google plus users on the web, it may roll out to some users in the testing phase, you can find the top online games publishers on google plus like Rovio, Wooga, Zynga, etc., we have collected the top 10 games you can play on google plus with your circles.

10. Zynga Poker

All of us know that Zynga is the No.1 provider of gaming experiences on social networks, connecting the world through games, casino games,role-playing games such as Zynga Poker online, with 6 million daily users. This game is quite easy for beginners to learn but hard enough for competitive poker players to put down. Hurry up! There is a Zynga table waiting for you in this thrilling Texas Hold ‘em Poker game.

09. Dragon Age Legends

The famous Dragon Age game has now been adapted for the Google Plus.

The game involves tactical combats, synchronized fighting and a great gaming experience. the amazing thing here is that the player can explore the Dragon Age world, with his circles of friends. The game is considered to be a role-playing game, and the only one to be available on the Google Plus network.

08. Zombie Lane

Digital Chocolate presents one of its all time favourite games, Zombie Lane. Prime yourself with equipped weapons and defend against the endless waves of the zombies to take back control of your neighbourhood, Smack them with a shovel or take them down quickly with a shotgun. It’s no fun getting outnumbered, so you can invite your friends for more fun and more kill actions.

07. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash is the 60 seconds gem rush: click colorful gems, use magic diamonds and compete with your friends. If you let the gems accumulate, you will end up losing the game. There are various levels you can choose to play from, to increase or decrease the level of intensity. The game does not require too much work, and would be a great family game to play with your family members and Friends on Google Plus.

06. Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a per based game. You will first need to select a pet that would represent your main character. The one thing the creators have done is that they have chosen the cute pets. Once you have chosen your pet of choice, you will need to then provide it with weapons so that it is armed and ready to fight. You will then enter into a competition in which your pet will fight with another members pet. The other member could be your friends as well. It is a great game that is becoming quite popular on Google Plus.

05. Bubble Island

Bubble Island is arcade type based game, in Google+ it is modernized and re-developed for the social gaming sphere. In this game what all you need to do is to simply shoot a bubble-cannon and pop bubbles of matching colours to progress through several stages. The game is somewhat like Diamond Dash, but with the bubble concept. Bubble Island includes elements of friendly competition as well as cooperation in a fast-paced island atmosphere.

04. Crime City

Crime City is a brand new Google+ game which is a compilation of the elements of Mafia Wars and city-builders. You use your money and weapons and a team of professionals to take control of a complete city, you play as a gangster whose job is to do various jobs in areas which earn you money, diamonds, items, experience and energy, beat up rival gangsters, and build up your own ‘hood’. Once you move up into the higher levels, you will find that it is getting much harder than before. What makes the game very demanding is the whole concept and graphics you see on the gaming portal.

03. Flood-It!

Flood the whole board with one color in no more than 25 steps. Begin in the top left square and start by selecting one of the colored balls left of the board. This will change the color of the area, and expand to any adjacent spaces, allowing you to flood more of the board. See your friends scores, and beat them by flooding the board in fewer steps – or by solving more games in a row.

02. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz the world’s most popular matching puzzle which has been played by more than 500 million people around the world is now on Google +. Play this special version of the classic gem-swapping puzzler and try out the new multiplier gems, speed bonuses, & much more. Compete against friends for big-headed rights and you can also cooperate with your buddies for the chance to win prizes!.

01. Angry Birds

Most notably, the most famous game on the internet which is now available for all the major communication devices as well as Social Networks.  “Angry Birds” one of the successful games ever in all platforms of gaming is now one of  Google + games, it is extremely fun but watch out, it is highly addictive too. It is a catapult, castle destruction game with birds laying a bet on payback of their eggs when the cruel pigs steal them cunningly. So, the survival of the Angry Birds is at risk and it all depends on their revenge.

All Apple devices have Angry Birds, and the Chrome browser even has an app that offers Angry Birds free of charge. Angry Birds was one of the first games made for the Google Plus platform, so you can clearly see that there was a demand for it. There are a total of 120 levels in which you will need to use the angry birds to get the most points as possible. So get ready to smash the ruthless pigs soon on Google +.

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03. Thunder Struck

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02. Royal Derby

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01. Tomb Raider

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