Top 3 Free Homework and Study Tools for Students

The current generation of high school and college students is pressured to get good grades. The daunting task of mechanical memorization and the process of learning new basics everyday is never easy. However with few useful and free applications at hand one can make it much simpler. Check out our list of top 3 free homework and study tools for students.


The free application has the ability to sort all of your classes for every semester. It has the property of memory and therefore keeps a history of your semesters, giving you the chance to go back and view them anytime you want to.


 The application when downloaded provides user with a daily planner and a notebook for each class, thereby eliminating the actual physical books requirement. Besides, It also sorts all of your notes (pictures, videos, voice notes) and upcoming tasks.

inClass features:

  • Multimedia notes – Takes photos, videos, audio or text notes
  • Super smart schedule – organizes all your classes and tasks for the day in one place
  • Tasks and courses alarms – Serves constant reminders


The powerful task management tool for students keeps track of important projects or homework assignments. It syncs wirelessly with iProcrastinate between Mac and iPhone, or over the internet via Dropbox. Simple but informative layout of the application displays which Subjects have unfinished Tasks and helps you to sort them by priority (High-priority or Low-priority)


one can break complex tasks down into ‘Steps’ for step-by-step tracking of the task progress. This feature is particularly helpful when keeping track of multiple documents for a class report or project.

 iProcastinate features:

  • Drag n’ Drop in Calendar view
  • Better saving mechanism
  • Improved layout, better text boxes, prettier gradients, etc
  • Better Task-Step Linking
  • Canceling creation of Subject/Task will remove it


  • Good-looking interface
  • Organize tasks by due date
  • Add supplemental notes to each task
  • Syncs with DropBox


  • takes time to learn certain advanced features

 Google Apps Suite

Google Apps Suite contains a comprehensive set of free email and collaboration tool for schools. The package includes Google Docs, Books, Scholar, Email, Calendar and Search (a one-stop shop for research) .

 The suite’s document creation tools offer real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility. On the other side, Google Scholar offers online journals and a variety of scholarly literature to search for. With Google Calendar Calendar, students can easily plug-in their class schedule and pending assignments and be notified when the date approaches.

Google Apps suite is simple, fast and useful. It requires neither a software installation nor any hardware to buy. All the user need to do is just validate his/her MX records and create accounts to get started.

We hope, the above mentioned top 3 free homework and study tools for students help to reduce your study clutter.

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