Top 3 PC Role Playing Games

Games are not just a way to rest. For example, with the 22Bet App, you can also get money, and with these RPGs, you will dive into new fascinating worlds.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, 2015

Introduced in 2015, The Witcher III looked so cool in every way that it instantly took all the laurels of gaming awards and won fans, lifelong love. Beginning with gorgeous graphics and rendering, in which CD Projekt Red jumped a couple of heads over anything else being created in games at the time, and ending with a world so elaborate that even the most sophisticated gamer was not bored in The Witcher.

Behind almost every side quest, there is a story. The game world is littered with objects, locations, and extra activities. Of course, the story is really rich and interesting, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series of the same name, but eventually became standalone. In The Witcher III, attention is paid to almost everything from the soundtrack to the weather animation.

Fallout 4, 2015

Fallout has evolved from a game into an entire culture, and the fourth installment has been awaited with a gasp. Both because it is Fallout and because it is, after all, the brainchild of the Bethesda giant. The game has not departed from the usual post-apocalyptic theme but became broader and freer in many ways. The story is organically blended into an open world with a lot of side stories and quests, the combat system has expanded, bringing the mechanics closer to the shooters.

There are some classic slumps like a world with too many details. But it all somehow is not very connected to each other and even more rarely resonates with the main plot. The dialogue and character system of the partners are incomplete, the game story is gradually subsiding and the skill system is not fully written out, some of which remain simply useless. At the same time, Fallout 4 has become a worthy successor to the series, retaining gameplay diversity and its own stalker charm.

Dark Souls III, 2016

The conclusion of the legendary series was once again iconic. It’s business as usual: lots of enemies and bosses and hardcore battles. But at the same time, Dark Souls III has brought almost to perfection everything that was before, causing a real storm of excitement among fans of the saga. It became more modern, more convenient, more flexible, and much more diverse, and the plot became more ambitious. The graphics are awesome. You will see amazingly detailed locations, vivid and picturesque landscapes, and much attention to detail.

Dark Souls III is not for those who like to quietly run through the fields, collecting loot and chatting with the characters. Here you’re sweeping countless enemies, raging for hours battling bosses, each with their own complicated tactics, bouncing off sudden enemies and thoroughly exploring detailed, packed levels.