Top 4 Apps to Manage Mobile Wi-Fi

Top 4 best Apps for mobile Wi-Fi

In the present scenario, every Smartphone consist of Wi-Fi connectivity. All the phones are enabling to connect to the wireless connections if signals are closer or strength of it is fair to connect. The mobiles sometime don’t connect even if the strength of the signal is fair due to certain range or frequency problems.

Here are certain applications which are enabling the processing of connecting the Smartphone in ease even if signal is not much of a proper state. There are 4 application which enable connecting to wireless modems and other. Those applications are given as follows:

Jiwire Wi-Fi finder

There are many Wi-Fi connections within the areas. But searching the signal is not easy within many Smartphone. This creates a problem when someone urgently wants to access internet, so this application searches the spots within the area you are located and enables you to search anyone of them respectively.

Wi-Fi fixer

Top 4 best Apps for mobile Wi-Fi

When certain access is blocked to have a connection for internet through wireless connection, then this application really figures out to be a finer one. It removes that disrupted or interrupted network signal over wireless networks and makes connectivity in ease. It also make Wi-Fi error removal which arrives when the sender is sending a chunk of data and the receiver is not even receiving a single among them causing no connectivity with the internet.

Y5 battery saver

When you are connected to Wi-Fi, the battery dries up quickly due to lot of use of files and transactions of packet delivery over server and client connections. This application is really helpful for such a problem. This application will check on when the Wi-Fi is on or off, even it helps in less battery drying as due to on and off of the wireless connection takes away lot of current and battery, thus loads of problem arises within the Smartphone respectively.


There are many Wi-Fi connections available next by the hot spots but we are unable to connect to it. So this creates a problem in how to connect and access internet and file transfer usage. So this applications helps in a creating a new Wi-Fi connection and make you access to the net by within device or connecting the device with USB cable to other devices and all.

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