Top five efficient ways to get Blog properly indexed by Google, Bing, Search Engines

Blog properly indexed by Google

If blogging is the way you earn your bread, then it becomes quite essential for you to get your blog correctly indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and other search engines. If your blog doesn’t show up in the search engine result lists even after typing its name in search box, then it is not indexed with Google, Bing or other engines.

I am sure you have summited your websites to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Ask, etc. But, they are not in their index or many pages are missing. Well, let us understand more ways on how you can get your website indexed properly.

Wonder how? Let us understand the five most comfortable ways to do so.

Efficient ways to get Blog Blog properly indexed by Google, Bing, Search Engines


Take Your Blog on well-known Blog Communities

Instead of getting attached to any blogging community, get your blogs on these communities:

  • Technorati (
  • BlogCatalog (
  • Blogged (
  • Networked Blogs (

Listing your blog in the directories of these portals will get your blog automatically indexed in Google and other popular search engines. Thanks to the good ranking and popularity of these websites.

It’s straightforward to register there, but while creating a blog you must take check twice if the following things are properly:

  • A precise description of the blog.
  • Keywords and tags used (This is most important of all!).
  • Proper categorization of the blog on these portals.
  • Branding of posts using screen-shots, logo, etc.

How worth is your page?

Use the above sequence of words in Google as a keyword phrase, and you shall come across some interesting result set as follows:

  • WebsiteOutlook (
  • WebTrafficAgents (
  • BuiltWith (

When you mention the URL of your blog in their system, they’ll show up the cost of your site in dollars with other statistics like daily visitors, revenue from ads and lots more! This page showing the stats of your blog will prompt Google to index it.

RSS or Atom Feeds and Sitemaps

Feed Aggregators provide you with simple options to increase traffic. It can also get it indexed the fastest way possible. After you submit your feeds to these websites, they monitor your blog for any new entries.

As soon as you post something new, it gets into system index. When a visitor clicks on the name of your blog, he will visit your page. Ultimately will end up indexing your blog on Google.


XML site maps are probably the best well-known recommendations to get the best out of Google’s index theories. Google Webmaster Tools also accepts submission of RSS feeds and XML Site maps so that it can learn very well about your blog. Once Google gets any roots of your hierarchical sitemap it can very easily index all your pages.

Social Networking Benefits

Some bloggers are unaware of the power of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram. You can count them on fingers. It can be counted on the fingers. When you create same name accounts bearing similar names as that of your blog, it will help it to get indexed by Google.

Suppose the name of your blog is “GadgetTalks”. It is best to use a similar name

  • On twitter account at @gadgettalk
  • Create a page for your blog on twitter as (sample link).

Repetition of the same name on different websites will help set up a brand. In turn, your blog gets into index more rapidly.

Other Simple Ways

  • It is always a good idea to show related posts. If you notice sites like Squidoo (, you must be aware of the fact that publishing posts related to your page on these sites can redirect traffic to your blog. This will eventually help to get into the index of the search engine.
  • Some web services like ChangeDetection ( help to keep a keen eye on changes on a particular website. If you allow this service to paste these changes in their news box, Google will notice it and will result in indexing of your blog.

Apart from these five, there are numerous other ways to get in Google’s Index. But these are the well researched and proven techniques. It ensures your blog will get indexed by the search engines.