Top Features & Costs of Travel App Development

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and looking to develop an app in the modern world. Have a good grip on how your targeted industry is working. Market performance and industry stats are helpful in making any critical decision. Investments and financing in businesses have lots of ups and downs, therefore it is important to enter prepared.

As an entrepreneur who plans to create a for travel, you need to know where the figures and revenues stand. The travel app industry saw a downfall during the pandemic but eventually stood up after the world recovered. Now, the competition in the travel industry is incomparably growing. This industry does not revolve around one or two types but has expanded and now catering to multiple industries.

Imagine now you have a taxi booking app, ticket booking, navigation, and hotel booking apps. With these available at hand, they add up ease to the consumers and now you can travel a hassle-free trip.

The content will discover two main aspects of developing travel apps, features, and cost. But first, let’s have a look at some of the types of travel apps.

Types Of Travel Apps to Develop

Before discussing the app, development features and costs let’s start from the basics. You might need to have an insight into what will work for you. Whether you Create Taxi Booking App or a hotel booking app. If you create the most needed it might help the users the best.

  • Taxi Booking App
  • Navigation App
  • Ticket Booking App
  • Hotel Booking App
  • City Tour buses
  • Travel Guide
  • Accommodation Booking App

How Are the Statics Performing in The Online Travel Industry?

  • Over the past two years, online booking apps saw a peak and they gained a revenue of $755M. (Business of Apps).
  • The taxi booking app is expected to grow more and its revenue is predicted to be $327.54Bn by 2026.
  • The tourism and online travel agency will generate revenue by 73% travel and tourism by 2026.
  • Nearly 5 million people use Google Maps and have around 154.4M users.
  • Around 61% of travelers in the USA book their trips and tours through mobile apps.

The Most Required Features to Implement in a Travel App

There goes a process in app development, and they differ from the app you are creating. You have to be careful about multiple aspects of it and obey what has to. Plenty of apps are mushrooming and some businesses are coming up with newer ideas to swift the traveling process.

Moreover, when you want to know the cost to develop an app, make sure you have completed the process of adding features.  The cost can vary on the type of app you are creating, the platform, and other multiple factors.

Sign Up and log in from Social Media Accounts

Starting from the basics, the most continent and necessary feature to add is login and signup from social media. This can also work as a strategy to attract more people. The convenience is first observed in the logging process.

The process of logging in or signing up is lengthy and people may opt-out of it. Therefore, the signup process from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter is much easier for the users.

Travel Planning Generator

It is one of the most demanded and looked-for features in today’s traveling apps. This feature allows the users to plan their trip just by adding the location they want to visit. The admin has the right to add customized locations, and landmarks or plan them accordingly. Therefore, you do not need a professional guide any more.

Geo-Location Tracking

Another important feature is to add the GPS to track any kind of location. No matter where you are you need a map to navigate. People can track you to your location or you can visit the nearest places for easier travel. Such services can also help in targeting people as soon as they are in your vicinity. This feature may add up the cost of app development, but it is an unignorable feature.

Admin and user features

One of the trickiest parts in such apps are to develop user and admin features. One app will be everything related to users and the other is to manage the app by the admin. You can use the admin panel to manage users, advertisements, and reports.

On the user’s end, the most essential features are search options, payment methods, maps, currency converters, booking and cancellation, details, and notifications.

Altogether, for such travel apps, you need to work and two types of apps.

Weather Forecast

Travelers want to know about time and what is the weather and what climate changes should be expected. If you provide this feature, it would be more convenient for travelers. Thus, they can manage and plan trips according to the weather.

The Estimated Cost to Develop A Travel App

No one can estimate the total cost to develop a travel app. It can vary from features to platforms and what app development company you have opted for. Thus, you need to come to the ground and decide how much you can afford. Here are some of the factors to look upon in an app development cost.

  • Architecture of the Backend
  • Tech Stack
  • Travel App Design

By combining these factors, you can have an idea of the cost of your travel app. Among the hundreds of stages, you need to be aware of the labor hours, some of the agencies charge per hour. Apps with basic features may cost less, but advanced AI features may cost more.

Here is a basic chart of the estimated cost to develop a travel app. This will give you a basic idea of the costs to develop the app.

Development Phase and Costs



App Designs


$2,500 – $4,500

Frontend Development$10,000 – $15,000
Backend Development$7,000 – $10,000
QA Testing$7,000 – $10,000

The End Note

Travel apps have completely revolutionized the operation of the tourism industry. The apps can offer so much and allows make the process seamless and more relaxed.