Top iPhone and iPad Music Apps

The iPad is considered to be a stand-alone computer. Many people even use the iPad as their only computer hence proving my point. So, as a computer and as a tablet, one of the most important uses of the iPad is to present the user with great music. And at the same time present the user with apps that can help him access and listen to this great music.

So today I bring to you some of the best iPad Apps in the field of Music. Using these apps you can take full advantage of your device to access and enjoy music like never before. So without any more extra lines, here is the list of the Best Music Apps available on the iTunes store:

1. Discovr

Discover New Music, Artists and Bands. Listen to their songs; watch their videos and much more. Read reviews and blogs of your favorite artists and bands, buy their music directly from the app. A one-stop shop and hub for the Music Lover inside you. Greatly praised as one of the Best Music Apps Ever, it is totally worth spending $1.99 for it.

2. Pandora Radio

One of the most downloaded Music Apps ever. It Pandora Radio is very clean, cool and at the same time simple to use. The only problem is that Pandora Radio is not available in many countries including India.

3. Sound Hound

This is one cool Music Finder App. It allows you to search for songs and music instantly. It has the fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search. It also has a built-in player with Lyrics and Artist Info etc. A must have for all music lovers out there.

4. Concert Vault

This app gives you FREE access to the world’s largest collection of live concert recordings by your favourite performers. Also a winner of the Best iPhone App you would not at all mind running this app in 2X mode on your iPads as it is actually an iPhone App.

5. Songkick Concerts

This is an app for people who want to track their favourite bands so that they never miss them live. You can personalize your own concert calendar; get alerts when new concerts are announced and much more. This App has got praises from all around the world. Try it out yourself and find out.

6. Shazam

One of the most innovative Music Apps available out there. You can discover, explore and share Music, TV Shows and Brands in as little as one second. There are a lot of extra cool stuff available if you upgrade to the premium version.

7. Glee Karaoke

Listen to the world and join in. Glee Karaoke is one wonderful App. Sing your favorite songs and get amazed at the magical pitch correction software makes you sound like a Rockstar. Submit your performances and compete with others. And many more things to do.

8. Bloom

An App that is much different from the ones listed here. Bloom is an endless music machine and a music box for the 21st century. You can play it or you can watch it play itself. Create patterns and unique melodies by simply tapping the screen. Bloom will really interest music lovers who want to try out something different.

9. Free Music Download Pro

This App is definitely going to interest a lot of music lovers. Yes, that’s right, this really is a Fully Featured Free Music Downloader. Browse, Search and Press the Download link. It’s that easy.

10. Memodies

Firstly, before I say anything else I want to make it totally clear that ‘YES Memodies is a Game!’ But trust me on this, this is not just any game, it’s the best music game out there. Even though you will not be able to listen to your favorite songs or tune into some radio station, this App will surely grab your attention and compliments the moment you start using it. Please do try it out.

So then, what are you waiting for? Go out there and try them all out. If you have any of your own personal favorite Music Apps that haven’t been listed here, please feel free to share it with your other Music Friends right here…

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