Top Ten Android Apps every user should install

Top Ten Android Apps

Android smartphones come with lots of features and capabilities. Apart from the in-built features, you can utilize your smartphone for many other utilities, and it can help you save time in the day to day life. The smartphones, especially Android devices, allows you to install apps to avail a lot of extra features that you may not even know. Here are the Top Ten Android Apps every user should install on your smartphone.

Top Ten Android Apps every user should install

As you know, there are millions of useful apps available at the Google Play store. However, we have filtered out the top ten best apps for you. Check them out.

Malwarebytes Antivirus

Malwarebytes is the mobile application version of one of the most popular antivirus tools available on the internet today. The app comes with a free user mode that you can utilize to scan and protect your smartphone in real-time. It can also protect your smartphone from ransomware, adware, and most commonly found malware programs. The developers provide a 30-day free premium trial. You can purchase the premium version for more features and much-advanced usability.

Malwarebytes : Top Ten Android Apps




While every other battery saver apps provide you with spams and irritating ads, the Greenify stands out as the best. You can use the app to optimize the battery performance, manage background tasks, apps, etc. It can also help you elongate battery life and save energy while the charger is not near.

Greenify File Manager Top Ten Android Apps


Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid is one of the best file manager apps for Android Operating System. It allows you to manage stored files and even access system files. With root access, you can also edit root files. Moreover, networking file browsing is made more comfortable with the app.

Solid File Manager :  Top Ten Android Apps



Most of the Android users use SHAREit to exchange apps, files, and data between smartphones over the wi-fi network. The connection is similar to the Wi-Fi Direct access, but the app reduces the complexity of process and shares data faster.



Gboard, lately Google Keyboard, has evolved to a better position now. You can trust the Google’s own keyboard for the fantastic usability and faster typing. You can also get gesture-based typing on the Gboard. It also sports quick language switching, in-built Google search, voice input and other input settings.

Gboard Typing Top Ten Android Apps


LastPass Password manager

Being one of the best password managing extensions, the LastPass extends its service to Android too. You can download, log in with your ID and start syncing the passwords between devices. With necessary access permissions, the app can help you autofill the login forms in apps and browsers automatically.

lastpass password manager Top Ten Android Apps


Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the Uber of food across the world. Similar to the company’s cab services, it is now available in most of the countries. You can get seamless food delivery with amazing offers around the world, from local restaurants.


Nova Launcher

Developed by TeslaCoil, now the Nova is the most used launcher apps in Play Store. You can customize your smartphone to any level of awesomeness with the Nova and related packages.

Nova Launcher Top Ten Android Apps



Telegram is a messaging app that gives priority to the privacy of users than being a business. You get free unlimited cloud storage when signed up, and many features that even the WhatsApp does not have. Also, the groups can contain up to 10,000 participants, and the channels can have any number of users that are unable to send messages.

Telegram  Top Ten Android Apps


VLC for Android

The open-source, cross-platform media player app gained much popularity among PC and Android users. You can play videos and movies with advanced options that let you control the video. It also acts as a music player. VLC Player Top Ten Android Apps


You can get all these apps from Google Play Store for free. They also show you the difference between the older apps you installed for the similar purposes. Which of the Top Ten Android Apps do you use? Share your thoughts.

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