Top ten iPhone Accessories you should buy if you own an Apple iPhone – Yes, including Selfie Sticks!

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphone out there. Cashing on the popularity of Apple’s iconic phone several accessories manufacturers have come out with scores of accessories to make the use of iPhone easy and more fun. From the Jungle of iPhone geeky stuff we have selected a few of the popular range of accessories and best of the accessories for iPhone.

  1. Speaker Docking Station – Docking Stations are popular from the time when only simple Radio and alarm clock were there and they appear extensions to once popular Jukeboxes. Manufacturers’ of most popular audio systems have cashed in on the popularity of Speaker Docking Station and have released their Speaker Docking Station compatible with iPhone. The rise of wireless speakers and lightning connector in the new series of iPhone has changed the entire market of docking station. Some of the
    popular models are Altec Lansing Octiv 650, Sony RDP-XF100iP, Bose SoundDock 10, Philips DS8500 Fidelio Dock, etc.
  1. Camera lenses – iPhone has one of the most stable and amazing camera and the iPhone users love their camera. iPhone users share the most photos and dominates the list of top 4 most used digital iphone-flickr - 2014camera (Please refer the statistics shown for Flickr). iPhone users can enhance their photo taking experience multiple tones by using some popular camera lenses and accessories such as Olloclip, Sony QX10/QX100, etc. among the others. The best of the lot is Olloclip which is a Kickstarter crowd funding platform and built lenses for iPhone. The olloclip accessory comes with 4 different options of Fisheye, wide-angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro. The advantage of this accessory is it makes your same iPhone camera and make you go Pro Photographer, plus it can be just clipped on and off. Olloclip make lenses for all the models of iPhone, iPad and Samsung phones. Olloclip accessory can be used for Back as well as Front camera. Sony also makes amazing lenses for iPhone which can make point and shoot digital cameras and some DSLRs run for their money. Sony range of products for iPhone has 18MP, 10x optical lenses, wide aperture lenses and other features. Sony products are more high end and are for serious photographers.
  1. Headphones – Some of the leading companies have released Headphones which now work directly through the lightning connector rather than the normal audio out jack. JBL’s Reflect aware is an in-ear headphone which is one such headphone. Philips also launched Philips Fidelio M2L headphone which are compatible with Lightning connector.
  1. Bike & Car Mounts – iPhone lovers live by their Phone, the bike & car mounts help the iPhone users BioLogic-BM-WeatherCase-iPhone6-blk-portrait-2000wto carry their device even when they are riding or driving. Bike mount cases from biologic are armored,waterproof and weather proof. These cases help protect the iPhone when the user wants to keep the phone safe and dry during a workout. Other popular and useful Bike mounts are available from PED 3, Breffo, GoRide, Arkon, Amzer and


  1. Home Control System – How cool it is control the lights and air conditioner of your home using your harmonyphone. Logitech’s Home harmony hub is one such device which can act as a personal universal hoe remote control. This device acts on RF so you don’t have to be in Line of sight of the component. Harmony can connect to iPhone through an app and it makes your iPhone a universal remote which can be used to connect a range of devices varying from lights, bulbs, air conditioners, TVs, etc.
  1. Selfie Stick – Selfie was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of 2013. The smartphone users are smitten bymonopod-selfie-stick selfies. More and more camera makers are not improving the front cameras so as to help users click themselves. Selfie is a stick which can be used to extend your phone just like an arm to take a morestable photo. Some of the best selfie stick or more sophistically called shutter extension are extendnclick and istabilizer. Selfie stick could be made from simple plastic or aluminum or they can be made from airplane grade aluminum like istabilizer.
  1. Cases – With iPhone costing as much as Kidneys, one of the best way to protect your phone is by casing it. Some of the popular iPhone cases are manufactured by Bodyguardz, There are some cases like Lenmar (Case which has in-built battery to extend the battery of the iPhone), Ascent Solar’s Enerplex solar cover to charge your iPhone using Solar energy, Reach79 case to increase the iPhone’s signal strength to almost twice, Incipio Trestle case which prevent iPhone from accidental bending, Whistl case which aims to prevent sexual assault by making a loud alarm, LED and message to police & friends and Lifeproof which makes thinnest waterproof cases for iPhone.
  1. Typing Assistant – There are very few but quite innovative products which can help you convert your TextBladeiPhone into a laptop by providing you help to type faster. TextBlade from Waytools is one such innovative accessory. TextBlade can be packed easily in your pocket and it offers a full QWERTY keyboard which can act as an extension to the iPhone. Then there are cases from Spike which can make the typing easier by providing keys like a Blackberry on the cover. The main advantage of Spike is that it does not require battery or Bluetooth to connect.
  1. Charger – Apple has changed its charger from classic 30 pin charger to 8 pin Lightning charger with the iPhone 5 series. Apple claims that Lightning charger is much faster and it can also be used to transfer data. Though the basic charger which comes with Apple fulfills the requirement of most of the users, there are few very cool available chargers such as Flamestower which uses fire from a campfire to charge the devices, Solar chargers like Goalzero, Poweradd, Anker and Suntactics, Wireless chargers from iNPOFi, Slimo & MiLi and K-Tor hand crank generator. Though these chargers are generic and can be used to charge any device apart from iPhone. There are some very handy small chargers like IPPINKA Charger Key which can fit in key chain and can be used with USB charger.proximo-300x300


  1. iPhone Tracker & Finder – We all lose our phone a lot in our home or office or in car. There are a slew of devices which can be used to track your phone if you misplace it. Stick N Find is a Bluetooth enabled sticker which you can stick to your iPhone. These stickers have buzzer and light to get back your phone even in dark. Similar products are available from Nio, Kensignton and Zomm.

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