Top Video Social Networks

According to the stats, it is found that 82% of all the traffic on the internet is due to the video content on the internet and more and more traffic comes up by the social video platforms. At social media platforms video is continually promoted by the users, brands and publishers. It is also concluded that Facebook videos attract 500 million people every day and one more important platform is twitter, 82% of the twitter users watch video content. But from the previous year, it is found that Tiktok is becoming popular among the users and it attracts more people than Twitter and Facebook. Tiktok is being popular among the users due to the video content and most of the users, brands and business promoters are moving towards the Tiktok instead of the youtube or Facebook.

We have arranged the top best social video platforms that are draining enough traffic just because of their video content and they are competing with each other for a few years.

1. Facebook

Fake news and controversy in Facebook videos can become a major threat to this social video platform. Facebook Watch is continuously focusing on the thing to increase the engagement and bring the audience together. According to the USA today, Facebook Watch is booming and the audience has doubled from the previous 6 months from 140 million to 720 million monthly visitors.

2. Instagram

2018 and 2019 are found to be a very profitable year for Instagram and they are continuously increasing the user’s watch experience. This visual storytelling social media video platform hit the 1 billion monthly active users. This huge change is due to the 60-second video of Instagram stories and most recently IGTV is continuously contributing to increasing the growth of this social media video platform. Businesses are also getting benefits from this video sharing platform, with 200 million Instagram users according to the demographic found that each user visits at least one business profile one day.

3. LinkedIn

This social media video platform was introduced in 2017 and this platform secured 17% of the visitor by videos from 2018 to 2019. It was concluded after the observation that the users of this platform are 20X more prefer to share the video rather than other posts. This platform is designed for the businessman and job seekers. It gives benefit to both B2B buyers and job seekers a way to tell their stories in videos in a more professional way.

4.   Snapchat

According to the statistics it is found that users watch 10 billion videos per day on this video platform that is 2 billion more than Facebook users on daily basis video views. Snapchat is also doubling its audience with the innovative firms like 3D & VR company Obvious Engineering, augmented reality startup Cimagine Media and Mobile discovery app Vurb and with their launch of spectacles. While the future of snap chat is not so bright, that may be due to the drastic design of choices. It is going to get back their users by popular features like Stickers, Lenses, Snap Map, GeoFilters and Discover.

5.   TikTok

TikTok is the new generation’s favourite social media video platform where you can get fame within 15 minutes of 30 seconds or 1-minute video. Moreover, you can buy TikTok followers on the internet to increase your fame and your business value. TikTok gets almost 500 million users all over the world within a year. People use this social media video platform to share and watch the 15 seconds music videos which you can easily create in the app that will help you to enhance your social marketing videos if you have enough followers. It is concluded from the observation that it is the third most downloaded app in the world and it is not owned by Facebook. It has a massive global reach by the users and has business partnerships that may keep it more alive longer than its predecessor.