How to use Mi Remote app to control TV, AC, Set top Box in Xiaomi Devices

How to use Mi Remote app to control TV, AC, Set top Box in Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi is among the very few smartphone brands that offer an IR blaster on most of its smartphones. When the IR enabled home appliance is paired with the Mi Remote app, it allows the smartphone to easily control appliances like TV, AC, Music Player, and more. In this article, we are discussing the steps to Setup Mi Remote to control TV, AC, Music Player, and more.

Any electronic device in your home which has a remote control can be controlled by your Redmi and MI devices with IR. This also includes the latest Redmi Note 8 Pro. This converts the phone into a universal remote easing out the hassle to find the remote at the perfect time. Let’s see how to use the app.

How to use Mi Remote app to control TV, AC, Set top Box in Xiaomi Devices

  1. Open the MI Remote app on your Redmi device. Make sure that your phone has a stable internet connection. The app downloads the IR codes which compatible with your device later on. Mi Remote app
  2. Tap the Add remote option and click on the category of the device that you would like to use.
  3. Now select the manufacturer and later the model of the device. Mi-Remote_2
  4. After selecting that you will have to go through the initial configuration and basic tests. It includes turning the TV on/off, changing the channel, increase/decrease volume and so on.Mi-Remote_3
  5. Tap Yes under the ‘Does the device respond’ question, provided they did. Now you will have to point the device again towards the appliance and press an on-screen button. Now release the button once the appliance responds. Confirm this again by tapping Yes
  6. Voilà! You’ve set up Mi Remote, now you can (if necessary) set nickname for the appliance and the options of the appliance will be displayed on the screen.

Features of Mi Remote you can see after the setup

1] Remotes are sorted based on location

The coolest feature of the MI Remote app is that it can automatically list the devices depending upon your location. So, suppose you are in your office, the list will arrange for the Mi remote of the appliances on top and the same again goes for home! So, based upon location Xiaomi automatically order the remotes and that’s just awesome.

2] How to Add Set top Box with TV Remote in Mi Remote

There is one more thing you will love about Mi remote. When you set up the TV, you can also add the Set-Top box with it. The only advantage is that you can quickly switch between them in one tap.

3] Mi Remote App on Lock Screen

Also, you can set MI Remote to automatically display the remote for a particular appliance on your lock screen dependent on the location. So now go and have fun with this cool feature that you just discovered your Xiaomi phone could do out of the box.

Mi Remote app supports thousands of OEMs and their devices, and all these small tweaks make it so much usable. The best part, you can use it with almost any similar TV to hijack TVs anywhere!! So go ahead and Setup Mi Remote right away.

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