How to use WhatsApp without SIM card in your phone

Use WhatsApp without SIM Card

WhatsApp messenger works based on the mobile number registered. You must need a domestic or international SIM card, valid on the country to open an account. So, it is difficult to open a WhatsApp account without a SIM Card. But, there are some ways to trick the WhatsApp, and use WhatsApp without SIM card in your phone.

How to use WhatsApp without SIM card

There are several methods you can use the WhatsApp on your smartphone without having a SIM card. You can either use some third party apps to get a virtual mobile number or use the landline number to begin using. Unfortunately, the landline method does not work as of now. We have other successful ways to guide you through. But, the plans might be a little confusing if you get through it without having much knowledge. However, here is the perfect, working method to do it.

Use third-party apps

You can use third-party apps or services that provide with the virtual mobile number facility. Here we choose the app named TextNow, available for free on Android from Google Play Store. Here is how you can generate a free virtual number and use it for further needs.

use WhatsApp without SIM card

  • Download and Install the TextNow app from Google Play Store on your preferred Android smartphone.
  • When you open the app for the first time, it will provide you a free number that you can use anywhere. The app itself offers free calls and SMS over the number.
  • Choose a number from the list after choosing an area code and other details.
  • Now, install the WhatsApp on your smartphone. If you already have a WhatsApp installed and logged in with one your numbers, you can delete the account or clear app data. You can even use any third-party multiple WhatsApp account apps to use the secondary number.
  • Provide the TextNow number while signing up on WhatsApp.
  • No need to check for the SMS on TextNow app.
  • When the call option arrives, wait for the verification-call from the WhatsApp which you will have to pick up.
  • Note down the verification code sent over the call. Use it for the WhatsApp account verification.

You can now have a WhatsApp on your smartphone without even having a SIM card or a number.

Spoof the verification SMS

You can use this method without even generating a working random number. With any number you wish, you can create the WhatsApp account easily. In this case, you need a mobile number, but not the SIM or network coverage.

use WhatsApp without SIM card

  • Open WhatsApp, provide any country code and mobile number.
  • Put the phone in flight mode.
  • Choose verification through SMS and give your email address.
  • Tap on cancel button right after the moment you touch on submit.
  • Install and open any Spoof Text Message app and do as followed:
    • To: +447900347295
    • From: + [your country code] [mobile number]
    • Message: Your E-mail address
  • Tadaa! You will now have a WhatsApp account with the number you liked.

This method works by tricking the WhatsApp that the SMS containing your email address came from the registered fake number. Please ensure to use this method with caution. Better go with the method #1.

Use your number but without SIM Card

If you want to use your own number in WhatsApp., but want to install it on another phone, its tad easy! Follow the same steps you do when having a SIM in the same phone, and use the verification code which you had received on the phone where the SIM is available, and use that code in the phone where WhatsApp is installed. Once verified, WhatsApp will not check if the SIM is still there. As a matter of fact, it never checks that.

While it is always advisable using your own number with WhatsApp, but when in desperate need, you might have to. However, we will suggest you make sure that you are not violating any rules in your country for use WhatsApp without SIM card.

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