What eCommerce Sites Can Learn from Other Sectors

Who could possibly have predicted back in the early 2000s that by 2021 online would be touching on 40% of all retail sales? It’s a phenomenon that has led to a veritable explosion in eCommerce businesses across an equally diverse range of sectors. However, this has brought with it its own issues, the main one of which is competition. With so many businesses competing for custom, it’s vital that everything is done to stand out and attract customers in any way possible. So sometimes it can be important to not so much think but to look outside the box to see how others are succeeding and to learn some valuable lessons from this.

Be adaptable

Now, more than ever, a business has to be fleet of foot and ultra-responsive if it wants to succeed. And while you may have a business plan all worked out and ready for the future, it could be rendered redundant by forces way beyond your control. That’s why it’s important to be ready to adapt, even if this means making a 180o turn. A good example comes from a name that’s big in the world of eCommerce – PayPal. When the company first started out in 1998 it was producing security software for handheld devices. But when this failed to generate the business that had been projected they effectively invented the digital wallet – and look where they are now.

Look for loyalty

There’s an old adage that it’s much harder to get a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. This is as true for eCommerce businesses as it is for ones with physical stores but there are tried and tested techniques to rely on. One of the most competitive sectors out there right now in the world of online casinos. With so many vying for custom, it’s a question of the stand out to survive and the most successful ones do this through the tactical use of incentives. You can see the latest no deposit bonuses that are on offer here and you’ll notice that the combination of free stake money and free spins on slots strike at the heart of what’s important to players. Once onboard, they will also receive plenty of other genuinely useful loyalty bonuses. So the moral for eCommerce stores is: be generous and be relevant.

Mobile matters

Something else that online casinos have discovered has been that more and more people are choosing to play on their mobiles. The increasing use of this more convenient form of communication is also one of the key trends identified for eCommerce with an estimate that this year it will account for 53.9% of sales. So the savvy retailer will make sure that their website is fully optimised for mobile if they want to stay on top of their game.

Hopefully, these three tips are reasonably easy to implement and will start to make a big difference to the business. Maximising the returns should then come relatively quickly.

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