What is 3D Animation? A Beginner’s Guide

3D animation is present in many things, from movies to video games. Technologies are developing rapidly, the graphics are more lively and crisp. But the entertainment industry is far from the only industry where 3D animation is needed. It is used in architecture, advertising, even medicine. Among all animation styles, 3D is the most popular, especially among young people. We will tell you how it is done, provide some tips and tricks. Kevurugames – 3d animation studio that knows all about it.

What is 3D animation?

It is the process of creating objects in 3D space. In order for them to move, manipulation is carried out. A distinctive feature is the assimilation of objects in the digital environment. For this, special tools are used with which modeling is carried out. Real objects can be scanned into a computer, drawings can be made when creating objects.

The goal of the specialists is to make their creations as realistic as possible. You can create perfect characters, but if he moves unevenly, robotic or awkward, just waste your time. A master should devote a lot of time to studying the principles of movement so that his work looks natural.

What is the difference between 3D and 2D animation?

Even the names themselves suggest how these animations differ. But let’s expand the topic a little to show how the creation processes differ.

2D animation is flat because it is based on a 2D plane. If you add an additional axis, it increases the depth of the animation, makes it more realistic.

2D moves by quickly changing scenes, each of which is different from the previous one. Three-dimensional animation is done by creating three-dimensional models. When a third axis is added in space, it allows for more space when moving, positioning objects, and making the animation flexible.

How is the creation

Pre-preparation begins with plot development, storyboarding, characters are sketched out, the background is set up, and the foundations of the production process are laid.

The complete process is complex and has some nuances, but here are the main stages of work:

  1. Modeling. Before making a scene with character interactions, you need to create 3D characters. This process is called modeling. The basic 3D model consists of lines, points, and curves that are positioned to represent the object. Only after adding textures and colors does the map look like a real object.

A character needs a skeleton to move, the process of creating it is called rigging. After it is formed, the model is attached to the rig to prepare it for movement.

  1. Layout and animation. When all the characters have been set up, you need to do their animation, place them in scenes, make them move using the software. The first steps may seem a little rough, the movements are unnatural and harsh. This is because the animator only creates the first and last pose of the movement, these are called keyframes. A little later, lighting is added, the work of the operator, who chooses the angle and is determined with the depth of the frame. Other details are also added to achieve smoothness.
  2. Rendering. This is the final stage for creating animation, here the wizard finalizes and exports it. This step requires attention to every detail in order for the final rendering to be perfect. This is the final stage, during which different effects, sounds and music are added, synchronization is carried out.

What is the best 3D animation software to use?

There is a large selection of software to create 3D. If you are just getting started, find appropriate beginner programs. When you are ready for further work, update it. Many tools have free trials so you can choose the option you like best. An important step in choosing is to define your animation needs, what features you want, epic visuals, human models or product designs.

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