What Tech Bloggers Should Know About Google Adsense


Google Adsense is used by most bloggers, including tech bloggers. I am not going to suggest you any Adsense ad placements or any suggestions to increase Adsense revenue. But, I am going to brief you about some Adsense facts that Tech Bloggers should know.

You might ask – what is the difference between Tech Bloggers and other bloggers? There is difference in Adsense earnings. Tech bloggers should focus on getting high traffic to their blogs in order to earn good revenue through Adsense. It’s just because, Tech Bloggers post articles and news, which attracts more techie’s guys than normal readers, and almost, all techie’s guys know about ads and they will avoid it. They know how to avoid ads by using browser extensions and through other ideas (which I don’t know!). So your blogs click through rate (CTR) will be lower than any other blogs.


You can earn through page impressions (CPM), if your pageviews are good. One more good fact is, normally, tech blog’s Adsense Cost per Click (CPC) is higher. If you use high competing keywords in your blog, then there is a chance of Google Adsense displaying related advertisements. If you get any click on your ads, then it might have high CPC and you might get around $1 or more per click.

Google Adsense shows more accurate advertisement on your page than any other ad provider. So, you might not want to have other ad networks with Adsense. You should concentrate on increasing visitors by posting interesting articles regularly. By this way you will earn good revenue through Google Adsense. Some blogs post latest tech news with some posts to the beginners also. This is good idea to attract newcomer to internet and Ad clicking possibilities are higher.

There are other possibilities of increasing revenue, if you get good page impressions, such as BuySellAds.com. To qualify with BuySellAds, you should have nice page-views per day. You can sell your ad space from your blog to the advertisers on BuySellAds. Advertisers will come to know about the ad-space impressions of the space you want to sell and they will deal with you through BuSellAds. Here, you have the possibilities of earning decent income through advertisement.

What I am going to tell budding tech bloggers is, use your blogs to post latest tech news, reviews and gadgets updates along with some basic articles to attract normal and basic users of Internet.

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