Why are Apple MacBooks so expensive?

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In a typical argument regarding the Operating Systems, you might have heard anyone blaming Apple’s MacBooks for their overhyped, overpriced features and software. Most of the people keep asking  “Why are Apple MacBooks so expensive?”, but nobody has a concrete answer.

Well, if you are looking on to the sum of hardware specifications of the Apple Macbooks, you surely are going against purchasing a MacBook. A Windows-running laptop with same hardware specs onboard will cost way lesser than a MacBook. However, there are a lot of facts that make the Apple MacBook unique from conventional Windows PC or Linux Systems.

My Reasons for “Why are Apple MacBooks so expensive?”

Design & Build Quality

Apple manufactures MacBook series “laptops” with the finest quality, as a premium product. The Macbooks have the metal unibody design, carved out of aluminum blocks. As they do not have many screws and patches like in standard laptops, you always don’t have to worry about its durability. Additionally, the hinge system with torsion bar reduces the impacts due to continuous open-and-shut.

Why are Apple MacBooks so expensive?

Another design aspect that Mac users often mention is its backlit keyboard. All the variants of Macbook have the white LED backlit keyboard, which makes the work more comfortable, especially for writers and programmers.


The name “MacOS” is enough to describe the reason behind Macbook’s uniqueness. The macOS (lately Mac OS X) outruns the Windows Operating System in many aspects so. It is the point that makes Macbooks worth buying. First of all, Apple’s MacOS is much better in maintaining the user data security and protection from attacks. The Unix, macOS root, resembles more towards Linux than Windows. So, from experience, virus attacks and malware affections are rarely seen on MacBooks.

The entire operating system and hardware consolidation are optimized for maximum performance a low power. Hence with all those “underpowered” hardware, a MacBook can overtake the Windows PC. It also helps in gaining around 9 hours of long battery life, which is merely not achievable in every other laptop having the same hardware and even same battery capacity. So the next time you compare macOS with Windows OS, remember the optimization level achieved by each of them.

Why are Apple MacBooks so expensive?


Macbooks come with the elegant displays, engineered in a beautiful way for each unit they sell. Every Macbooks, except the low-budget MacBook Air, have the company’s signature “Retina Display“. The MacBook Air comes with a typical HD LED-Backlit widescreen display, supporting multiple resolutions. Coming to the top models, MacBook and MacBook Pro have much greater Retina Displays. They have deep color space, millions of pixel colors and the pixel density over 230 PPI.

After Sales Service

Apple provides excellent after sales service for each product we purchase. Typically, Apple MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro comes with a limited warranty of one year. It only covers the software related issues and other problems. You can get assistance from the company support side anytime during the Warranty period. With the AppleCare extended warranty, you can also avail the onsite repair by Apple customer service experts.

User Satisfaction

MacBooks are highly satisfying, enough to impress a typical user who just moved to the Mac from Windows/Linux. Unlike any other laptops, there will be no lags and unexpected freezing. Also, with the Siri integration, you can get the best of Apple’s extra software features on a Mac.

These are the primary reasons why are MacBooks so expensive usually. Apple prices their product high by offering premium quality, brilliant support, and hardware that lasts for long. The price is not just for the hardware, but also for the OS and after-sales service.

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