Why CS: GO Is So Popular Even Today And How To Make It Even More Fun

It’s been nearly nine years since Counter Strike Global Offensive was launched, and it is still going strong. CS GO is regarded as one of the most legendary first-person shooter games in history and is a favorite even at the elite and pro levels all over the world. Global pro events for CS GO have total prize money of well over US$ 20 million, which goes to show the massive following this game has.

These are a few of the most prominent features that make CS GO stand out as an FPS game and make it a global favorite even today.


The CS GO competitive match is a game format that is unique to this title. Two teams, with five members each, go head to head in a thirty-round competition. Each round is slightly less than 2 minutes. The first team to get sixteen points wins. There are different game formats on CS GO but CS GO competition is by far the most popular.

When CS GO was launched and even in most modern games like PUBG Deathmatch, rounds were either limited by time, score, or an objective. CS GO changed this and if your character died, you could only respawn in the next round. This made CS GO far more strategic and less of a ‘rush play’ type of game.

If you’re looking for a game that will give you variety, this is the one to choose.


Counter-Strike as a game title has been around for over 2 decades now. CS GO is a very popular entry in the Counterstrike series, however, the entire Counter-Strike platform has a very big following. CS GO has its own dedicated fan following with people continuously creating CSGO hacks and mods such as these found here. The Counterstrike community is rich with material created by hardcore fans and players and has evolved to be more than just a game. When people get into CS GO they are getting into a global community. Members of some of the big teams in CS GO came across each other through the many CS GO communities and the online gaming servers. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about CS GO, consider visiting online forums.


CS GO offers something for players of every level. Not just in terms of the difficulty of the game or the match options that it has, but there are even dedicated paid servers for gamers who want to compete with the pro-level competition. People who are willing to pay to upgrade their skills can go for professional training and learn how to play from elite players. Many gaming cafes across the world have dedicated local networks for the CS GO community. CS GO has a cult following just like any other big brand and this makes it very exciting for both new and veteran players.

Whatever your skill level, CS GO has something to offer.


A lot of players love CS GO for the gameplay but being a relatively older game the graphics and physics of gameplay are not as advanced as some of the modern FPS titles. This is actually a benefit for players who don’t want to invest in a full-blown gaming rig, as it can be played from an average computer. You won’t get blistering high frame rates or incredible graphics but it’s still very entertaining. If you do have the money and you are willing to spend it on gaming, up-spec your rig could completely transform your CS GO experience. Still, the game won’t require a super powerful rig with multiple GPUs to get you a really smooth experience.


Lastly and most importantly, CS GO doesn’t give high-level or experienced players an unfair advantage when it comes to weapons and gear. Everyone, regardless of their rank or tier, has access to the same kind of weapons and gear.

This makes the game a lot more skill-focused rather than equipment-focused. In other games, players with better weapons have an unfair advantage. So if you want a test of pure gaming skill, then this is the game to play.

Overall, CS GO is a game nearly every FPS fan has played at least once in their lifetime. Some of the game’s traits make it a must-have for players who enjoy these things, whereas others prefer the gameplay of other modern FPS titles. In either case, it is definitely a game you would want to have with its incredible flexibility and value for players of every category.