Why Do You Need Static Residential Proxies for Managing Instagram?

It is quite common to use proxies for nearly all social platforms. The same can be said about using static residential proxies for managing Instagram. The possibilities for this social media platform are endless, mainly because it has become a home for entrepreneurs, from startups to renowned brands.

It is not a secret that all want to sell something; the difference is how they do it. Some don’t know the secrets of this platform, while others exploit the benefits of static residential IPs and automation tools. The latter are the successful ones.

The best proxies for Instagram are the ones that seem like real users’ IP addresses. For a proxy to be like that, it must come from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Platforms like Instagram monitor the IP addresses of their users in databases that register their ISP. Only an authentic residential proxy will have this data, so you should only use residential proxies for Instagram.

Why do you need proxies for Instagram?

You can make a lot of money on Instagram from affiliation. It is one of the best platforms for such a thing. And if you’re new to CPA, Instagram is the best starting point for you. I saw many people fail because of laziness or they gave up too quickly. There are thousands of people who make a lot of money from Instagram, but the good part is that there is room for everyone.

We don’t want Instagram to notice all the profiles we manage and block all our accounts. This is why we use proxies, to look like we come from another area. It would be difficult for anyone to use 1 IP address for 100 Instagram profiles, but it is reasonable to have 100 IPs for 200 Instagram accounts.

You only need a bot tool and an excellent set of proxies to start. Also, you must have multiple Instagram profiles. You can purchase some older accounts or you can create them If you are low on cash, the cheaper option is to create them yourself, but you must wait 2-3 weeks before you use them with your automation tools.

How to choose the best proxies for Instagram?

Firstly, you must choose the location.  Your proxy provider should enable you to choose a local IP address in the corresponding nation as your social media profile.

Secondly, you must choose static residential proxies. The ability to make your address static is priceless because rotating proxies change addresses too much to seem natural.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the proxy address is not blacklisted or marked as spam. You should never choose shared IPs. Go for private proxies that give you exclusive passage to the IP address. This is particularly essential if you desire to use Instagram automation tools.

What are static residential proxies?

You require a static IP address when handling multiple Instagram accounts. If your IP address is regularly switched, as rotating proxies do, you will most probably get your account banned for unusual actions.

It is said that one can handle up to 3 separate Instagram profiles on a single IP address.  While there are people who have stated that they are capable of handling even more without being blocked, others have said to be banned even for 2 accounts.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a look into static residential proxies. These are proxies that do not rotate and provide the same IP address every time. You can get one for each account to avoid any suspicion. Some providers give proxies named Instagram proxies. However, those are simply normal residential proxies.

How do you use a proxy on Instagram?

There are many ways that can help with the process of getting more visibility and influence on social media. Without using automation, you fall behind the curve and miss out on the opportunities. It is unlikely to gather followers manually on Instagram. This is why professionals get Instagram bots to do the assignments automatically.

You have to be cautious about how you manage the profiles. It is not recommended to go full-on from the first day. You need to select low-level frameworks on the Instagram bots and gradually raise them.

Also, you will need some phone numbers to verify accounts. You can easily find online free services that offer phone numbers exactly for this.

Other tips

When you start the automation, use the following steps to make sure you don’t get banned for the first week. This is an example, feel free to optimize it for your accounts.

On the first day, don’t follow more than 50 people. Just skip entirely the second day and don’t even log in. On the third day, follow another 50 people. The next day just edit your profile and add the link. On the fifth day, you can follow 300-350 people and work it up daily with around 50 more people per day. For example, on the sixth day 350-400 people and so on.

Pay extra attention to images. Some professionals don’t even post images on Instagram accounts, because some say that images can make banning faster. Use Bit.ly or Goo.gl to shorten the links and see some statistics.

That’s mostly it. Look for some great Instagram accounts in the targeted niche and start giving Follow to those who follow the respective page, and soon you will see an increase in your link clicks and conversions. It’s very simple! If you do it correctly, you have all the chances to make a viable business and a passive income.


There are few providers with special proxies for Instagram, and even fewer cover all your needs.  Picking the correct service and working only with genuine static residential proxies for managing Instagram is smart. This is the most difficult thing to do.

But, having the best proxy server for Instagram automation is without any doubt the road to a prosperous business. All those who skip this important step will surely falter.  Find a reliable proxy provider and reduce the price per proxy by getting a discount on a package with multiple static residential proxies for managing Instagram.

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