Why Every Scaling Small Business Outsource Their IT Functions

Keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology is not an easy task. With time business is all about IT. IT plays a significant role in the development and success of a business. Huge companies never ignore the use of IT. But nowadays with changing dynamics small businesses are also recognizing the importance of IT in their domain.

However, hiring IT experts or having regular employees who are also required to carry out IT tasks all in their limited budget, is quite difficult for small businesses. In this case, managed IT service providers can rescue small businesses if they outsource their IT functions to them. Most of the managed IT services such as Verticomm offer a range of services including cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and 24/7 help desk support to help businesses improve efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your tasks can play a significant role in the growth of a small business. Outsourcing means allotting specific tasks to a third party. There are a lot of third-party service providers found everywhere. These service providers offer certain services from which an organization can select according to their preferences. 

It is considered a better option rather than investing in hardware or buying expensive tools in the early stage of your business. This can also increase the productivity of your staff as it eliminates the extra workload.


Security is a crucial element of every business. Every kind of business needs to have a solid security system if it wants to avoid any monetary loss as well as save its consumer’s trust and reputation. Outsourcing the security of your small business may seem trivial but can save you from huge problems. Managed service providers will work to secure your data and eliminate any kind of malware or other security issues. 

Outsourcing your security will be beneficial as it reduces your expenses by preventing you from buying expensive security tools. IT service providers will keep your software updated to the latest version to keep security high also as the older versions are more prone to malware and more hectic to manage.

IT Support

When you hire a managed IT service provider, you allot your specific tasks and the rest is up to them to do the job. They will manage your backup, hardware management, software installation, and updates, etc. Once these tasks are under the charge of IT support services, you will not have to worry about those tasks anymore. Managed IT service providers have experts on their team who will manage your tasks according to the best of their capabilities.

Having a small business, it will be almost unfeasible for you to manage such a level of expertise for your work. And the best thing about it is that all of this can be managed within your limited budget. So what can be better than outsourcing your IT functions to these managed IT service providers?

Low Cost

Outsourcing your work can save you from exceeding your budget to carry out small tasks. Operated IT service providers usually come up with a month-to-month or year-to-year plan. That is a great option, especially for small businesses. They can look over several service providers, the services they need, and their budget at the same time. 

Regulated IT service providers will provide services concerning their client’s requirements. Small businesses will have an advantage over MSP because businesses will not have to pay a huge sum of money for expensive tools. However, they can benefit from the services in their limited budget. Also, the money small businesses manage to save will be great if they want to make any other investments in their businesses.

Reduced Workload

When you outsource your work you indirectly reduce the workload on your regular staff. When you have a small business, it is already hectic to hire a separate IT team. And when you don’t have one, it is still an extra burden for the regular employees to manage the IT tasks. 

The IT team is also usually busy solving problems regarding malware or user issues. However, when you hire a Managed IT service provider, it will take off this unnecessary workload from your employees. Your staff will feel more relaxed and do their work more efficiently. And all the extra time and energy can be invested in the growth of the business.

Outsourcing is a great option for small businesses to manage their IT tasks. Managing IT tasks is not everyone’s feat. It needs a specific level of expertise if you want to work with great efficiency. For a small business, outsourcing your IT functions will not only help you save money and time but also be of great help in the success of your business.