Why the Apple iPhone 11 has the best camera setup in its segment

People are loving Apple’s latest release so we thought you should probably check out the iPhone 11 camera and see exactly what it can do. iOS lovers have been given a super exciting camera setup, paired with a legendary processor to aid in giving you the best images.

Meet the lenses

Tucked away neatly into the top left corner on the back of the phone, you’ll find a dual 12MP lens camera, giving you the most amazing images you’ve seen from an iPhone. The first lens we’re given is a wide lens allowing up to 3x faster autofocus and 100% focus pixels. The second lens is an ultra-wide-angle, which allows you to picture four times more than ever before. Photos of you, your friends and your family have never been seen in the way you’ll see them on the iPhone 11. You won’t need to bustle your way to the back of the crowd and lose the best spot to take the perfect shot.

4K Video at 60fps

Let go of blurry videos with dull colours and little details and check out the iPhone 11 camera with 4K video. All your films will be super sharp with every detail seen from every angle. Shooting at 60fps allows for an extremely smooth image without any lagging. You can even edit these high-quality videos with some seriously good technology. If you’re looking for some proof as to just how amazing this video quality is, there are hundreds of reviews trying it out.

Night Mode

Everyone’s tried Night Mode at least once and found that it’s just not as good as you would want it to be. That’s not an issue anymore. Apple has allowed the wide lens to autofocus up to 3x faster in low light situations. This feature will automatically turn on when you’re in a low light situation and give your photos a whole new lease of life. You’ll get to see natural colours with dark shadows and bright highlights, whilst detail is not forgotten. We promise you have never seen low-light images with so much life and vibrancy.

The sensor built into the wide lens works with specially designed software and Apple’s A13 Bionic lets all this happen with no work from yourself at all. When you press the camera shutter, your phone will take several photos with optical image stabilisation on. The software will work on merging the best bits of each photo, removing any blurring and replacing it with crisp photos.

Smart HDR

Smart HDR is one of the biggest contributions to getting the most out of your phone’s camera and what it can produce. Your phone will recognise people and change the shot as it needs to. This is all done with machine learning and software. This feature creates super realistic photos by brightening highlights, deepening shadows and evening skin tones. The background will have a blurred effect but all colours will be real. This is a great part of catching moving subjects in a single, blur-free image or even just creating an artistic vibe.


You’re probably thinking we’ve spelt selfie wrong…that’s not the case. The Slofie is a new feature that Apple has introduced through the iPhone 11. It’s something everyone needs but no one knows they need! The front 12MP camera will shoot at 120fps to create a moving image. Your phone screen will turn into a tiny window with the level of detail in each pixel. You’ll feel as if you’re still there taking this photo every time you look at it!

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