How to get WordPress API Key for Akismet

How to get WordPress API Key

Blogging has a very good and huge scope for all people of the world. The growth of a blog is measured in terms on its popularity as well as comments. While there are many people in the world who just use some kind of auto commenting software to promote their comments on others blog to get links.

How to get WordPress API Key

While if you are on WordPress, then it has an excellent service called Akismet which always protect you from the spam comments automatically. But for activating the Akismet plugin you will have to get an API key for Akismet. So here are we with the tutorial on getting the API key.

You will have to first registered an account with WordPress. If you already have a account, then you can simple and easily get the key, if not then Simply go to and open a free account

  • Login to your Account at and then click on “My Account” which is located on the top left corner of the screen
  • The select “Global Dashboard” from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you visit “Global Dashboard“, then click on “Profile” which is located on Left Sidebar. This will list your Profile along with lot of other stuffs also.
  • On the top of the “Profile Page” you will see the following image

How to get WordPress API Key

So whenever you will need your API key, you just have to follow the steps and get your key. This is the most important key for Akismet because without a valid key, the Akismet Plugin wont work. Your Akismet Key is valuable key which you must always secure all times.

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