Your Guide To Organising Fundraisers For Your Causes To Build Support

Events are an impactful fundraising tool for charities as-well-as nonprofits. Statistics have shown that one in five Americans attend a charity event every year. After conducting polls, millennials specifically would tell you that they deeply enjoy live events for the ambiance of connectedness they inspire.

However, as an event creator, creating a large footfall is merely half the battle fought. You also need to maximize the amount of money your event is able to raise.

Steps To Organize Fundraisers

Here is mentioned a 10-step course of action to guide you on how to plan a charity event or fundraiser to surmount goals and expectations –

Step 1: Reinforce Your Cause 

Being clear on why you’re raising capital and whom you’re raising it for can help you render a clear promotional strategy as-well-as an operational plan.

All other paramount decisions cascade from this “mission statement.” Reinforcing your cause on paper is the most important step to setting in motion a clear action plan.

Step 2: Establish A Fundraising Goal 

When organizing a fundraiser, you need to know how much capital do you intend to raise. Consider avenues such as ticket sales, silent auctions, donations, live auctions, and also crowdfunding.

Keep in mind that donations are not the only way to build support for a cause. Your event also must raise awareness and catalyze networking.

When conducting a nonprofit or fundraising event, it’s vital to keep all potential goals in check.

Step 3: Create A Budget For Your Charity Event 

You would require funds above and beyond the amount that you’re going to spend. A budget can help keep your costs in check and gain more for your money.

Make sure you’ve prepared your budget by keeping extreme intricacies in mind, ranging from the venue to catering to the parking valets.

It’s always healthy to leave a little room in your budget for unprecedented expenditures. It’s better to exceed your goals than witness them get eaten into by unforetold expenses.

Step 4: Target Your Audience 

Pinpointing the audience that you wish to attract can help you plan an efficient fundraiser and market it with precision.

Ask questions like, Does your charity appeal to a specific generation or type of interest? Is it a local fundraiser or dedicated to a universal cause?

You also must decide whether you want to populate the event with invitation-only personnel, or would you reach out to the general masses.

By establishing your audience, you can extrapolate the best ways to reach potential attendees, as-well-as donors. From that point, your marketing and outreach plan would follow.

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Step 5: Pick A Venue 

Pick a venue, something that is non-traditional, and that can help infuse your event with flair. Some venues might be willing to discount or even donate the space that would be associated with a noble cause. Being flexible with your date of the event can help secure a decent venue at an economical cost.

Always be sure to ask the right questions when booking a venue. Keeping track of exactly what’s included in the price is paramount to your bottom line for settling the deal.

Step 6: Set A Theme 

People are overwhelmed to support a cause, but they also wish to have a great time. Millennials, in particular, are regarded as “the experiences generation.”

This generation loves spending money creating memories, and by keeping a theme of your event would surely tease what awaits.

However, you need to understand that “Raise money” is not a theme. To inspire donors, try brainstorming a fun, unique idea that they would surely look forward to attending.

Take into account both your cause as-well-as your audience. What would your target audience view as entertaining that would also comply with your cause?

Step 7: Market Your Event Right

All events require marketing, but some need a greater marketing thrust than others. For a charity event or fundraiser, spreading the word is important as it directly impacts your ability to exceed your goals.

Traditional fundraising models comprise of mailed invitations, phone banks, or direct mail.

While dealing with the millennials, we need to have digital at our disposal. Create a strategy where you would employ digital channels such as – email marketing, advertising, content marketing, and more.

Social media can surely provide you with the boost you need. One of these platforms is Twitter, which has proven itself to be an impactful platform for promoting fundraisers.

According to statistics, a single share of an event on Twitter generates an average of about $8 in ticket purchases.

Step 8: Create More Ways To Accept Donations 

You would need a couple of trusted portals to accept donations. For the most lucrative results, don’t limit yourself to merely one donation method.

Start with an online event ticketing platform, which can accept digital and mobile payments in advance and enable you to track them.

It will help if you offer full-service payment processing with enhanced options such as reserved seating and direct deposits right into your bank account.

For at-the-door sales, pick a ticketing provider that creates an app to expedite last-minute sales.

For those who can’t make it to the actual event, make it easy to donate. You can choose to set up an option for donations on your website’s event page for quick and easy digital donations.

Step 9: Reach Out To A Larger Community 

Millennials are keen to express themselves online. About half of them attend live events to have something to share on their social media.

Give them something that they can share by providing rich online content. Also, be sure to incentivize them to share your cause online through a ticket giveaway.

You can also guide the community to use CrowdRise, which enables ticket-buyers to form their own fundraising pages to muster support for your cause.

Their fundraising networks would then become an extended fundraising audience for your noble cause.

Step 10: Automate Your Charity Event

Most fundraising and charity events don’t come with enormous budgets. Devise ways to make your operations or marketing more effective to lower your costs.

Automated emails can provide attendees with detailed event information upon ticket purchase. Various social media management tools can reinforce your posting and tracking efforts across diverse platforms.

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The answer to this undoubtedly is InVideo that is potent enough to digitize your fundraiser by creating eye-catching videos for better marketing.

Final Words

People love to attend fundraisers and donate for a noble cause; however, you need to market it the right way and to the right people.

With the tips mentioned above, be sure to digitize your fundraiser and market to millennials in ways that they are accustomed to, which include social media outreach and digital invites.