How to Add Percentage Value to iOS App downloads with a Jailbreak Tweak

In the past, we covered several good and useful Jailbreak tweaks that helped you get an in depth control over your iOS devices by adding several useful features to them and here’s the latest, AppCent!

AppCent – A Jailbreak Tweak:

While downloading an app from the App Store you might have noticed a progress bar being displayed at the bottom of the app icon. What the progress bar does is indicate the progress of the download. A blue color fluid progresses fluently until it fills the application completely, but it does not display the numerical value. This is where this new jailbreak tweak named AppCent jumps into action.

The tweak developed by Rudolf Lichtner adds percentage value to your iOS app downloads. It replaces the standard ‘loading’ and ‘installing’ app procedure. All the user has to do is download the tweak and check if the Tweak is enabled or not. By default, AppCent is enabled and if you would like to disable the tweak you can do so by accessing the toggle that you will notice along with the creator’s Twitter handle: Rudolf Lichtner (@rud0lf77).

One good feature of AppCent is that there are no settings or options available to configure it. The tweak simply replaces the progress indicator by a percentage indicator, displaying percentage value in numbers.

In my opinion, users will not find the tweak of much value, especially in case of smaller sized apps but might consider it when wanting to know the download status of an app i.e., percent of app downloaded or left for the download to be completed.

AppCent is simple, effective in its function and really helpful while downloading larger apps (Apps taking long time to download on a lame network). It is available in Cydia for free. Note: You may run into some issues after installing the tweak on our jailbroken iPhone 4S, as it probably clashes with one of the installed jailbreak tweaks .Be careful!


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