AdSense Account Blocked or Disabled? Follow these steps to contact Support Team!

A few days ago, Google banned the AdSense account of one of my fellow bloggers and stopped displaying ads on its websites. And he has no idea of what wrong he had done. It was a moment of panic on why suddenly AdSense had decided to ban his 2 years old AdSense account. He then contacted AdSense Support team 15 days ago but is still waiting for a reply from them. It turned out that he hasn’t followed the correct steps of contacting the team. In this guide, I am sharing how to Enable AdSense Account Blocked / Disabled.

enable AdSense Account Blocked / Disabled

Many internet forums and discussion groups are filled with such issues where Google has banned well-performing AdSense accounts all of sudden, Since there is a lack of right contact information of where to seek support, many all give up in the end and start looking for other AdSense Alternatives.

How to enable AdSense Account Blocked / Disabled

You have full right to know and ask Google why your account has been disabled or blocked. So, here is the best way suggested how to contact AdSense Support team in case of any issues.

First of all, visit AdSense Help Center and read the program policies thoroughly and check whether you have violated any policy by mistake.

Now if you haven’t violated any T&C, then search the AdSense Help Forum, or post a new question there. It is a group of AdSense publishers, together with a few AdSense representatives who post periodically and provide a community of support for most AdSense related questions.

Now if you think your problem has not been already discussed in AdSense Help Forum. Nor that you are satisfied with the answers or solutions suggested to you then you need to contact AdSense Support team directly.

To contact the AdSense Support team, Click here. You’ll need to sign in to your AdSense account first.

Keep one thing in mind, Due to the high volume of emails queries received by the Support team, they only provide limited email support for a small set of issues. You’ll only receive personal replies only for those queries which are not available in the Help Center or Help Center Forum. So please search the Help Center for your issue first and be specific while sending an email.

Disabled Adsense Account FAQ

If your account is activated and you are not able to log. You may read the Disabled Account FAQ for further information.

In case the account has been disabled AdSense account due to Invalid Activity, fill out and submit this appeal form. Lastly, if it has been disabled due to Policy Violation, fill out and submit this appeal form.