4 Best Alternatives to Google Calendar

4 Great Alternatives for Google Calendar

It’s always been the human nature that he tends to forget important things in his life such as birthdays of others, his office meetings etc. But there exist a lot of calendar applications through which you will never have to forget the important days of your life. These calendar applications will make you remind the things on time and on day. Google Calendar has been the favorite of all but there exists some alternatives to it. Out of which the 4 are as follows:


1. iCal (Mac)

iCal is an app by Apple Inc. that is supported on the Mac OS X operating system. This application for Mac OS X offers support for multiple calendars and the capability to publish calendars to WebDAV server. It has various feature such as it is incorporated with MobileMe, so calendars can be shared and synced with other devices, such as PCs, iPhones etc. over the Internet. With this app you will never have the regret of forgetting something important ever.


2. Microsoft Outlook (Mac/Windows)

When you write down something on a temporary paper calendar, you don’t have much choice. But in MS Outlook you do: between gatherings and appointments, for e.g., you can mark scheduled time as busy, free, or uncertain. And if you choose, when it’s time to go to a conference, Outlook will remind you. You can schedule activities in your Outlook calendar as appointments, conference, events, etc. By choosing entries in your calendar correctly, you’ll know what’s going on by just having a glance at it.


3. Thunderbird + Lightning (Mac/Windows/Linux)

4 Great Alternatives for Google Calendar


One of the best apps obtainable , as a complete suite of apps to classify your life, with Mail, to do lists and a calendar application, which enables for planning of meetings on time. However, Like Thunderbird? But also tends to direct your schedule? Now you can do it from within the famous email client. Lightning extension to Thunderbird enables a featured Calendar Application which enables sending or receiving meeting invitations using email.


4. Rainlendar (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Rainlendar is well known for its small space and memory requirements and supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux., easily customizable user-interface. The calendar can be visibly placed on the desktop. It has several functions such as to-do list and a reminder alarm. For better organizing the to-do list and events are placed in separate lists. It also has an alarm system which also snoozes. It is highly customizable as we can apply various skins to it. It is platform independent.

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