Anmish Creates Animated Videos of Political Figures

Ever felt like creating animated videos using cartoon characters of political figures? Well, here is a site that helps you to do so – Anmish! It is one of the first application-based websites that provides free digital home-made animations and online entertainment.

Anmish enables its users to create their own animated video parodies, giving your voice to the characters, thereby creating an animated video. With only few keyboard shortcuts you can bring the desired character to life in less than a minute. You can then save your animated video and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

How to use Anmish?

  1. Visit the homepage
  2. Click on ‘Get started’
  3. Submit all the necessary information
  4. Once done, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Check your account and click onto the required link to activate your account with Anmish.
  5. Now, Sign-in with your registered username and password and select a caricature to create an animated video.
  6. Record a voice over, play with different available emotions (close up shot, medium shot, full shot, sad shot, happy, etc.) and save the work.

Salient Fetaures:

  • Creates animated videos in minutes
  • Uses animated pictures of popular political figures
  • Has the ability to morph your voice to suit the character selected
  • Supports up to 3 camera positions or animation shots
  • Animations can be viewed by anyone

Anmish has only one special requirement i.e, a microphone connected to your system to add your voice to the animated video. It does not require downloading of any software or application. You just need to register yourself with Anmish which is absolutely free of charge. In all, it is a fun internet based application to create animated videos, worth trying.

Check out Anmish.

About the author

Hemant Saxena

The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following technology developments. Quite by nature, he is an avid Lacrosse player.