Apps you must have on your phone

On a daily basis, the importance of having a phone is now greater than just a tool to make calls or receive some piece of short messaging. In fact, the integration of smartphones has become the basis of all standards in mobile devices.

With smartphones, having to connect becomes way easier and faster and to some large extent, it has even become cheaper. Gone are the days when making calls is pretty expensive, most especially in African countries and some countries in South America.

However, the smartphone integration to all nukes and cranes of the world has established a dynamism that ensures everyone can have access to each other on a more pretty and modern fashion way of communication.

Beyond the modern communication mechanisms, having a smartphone is as important as the body at least a piece of food daily – because all important stuff can be done with the aid smartphone from banking, schooling, information and news among many other use of smartphones.

However, smartphones don’t particularly work themselves to perform different kinds of functions but the availability of some apps on these phones makes each work become so seamlessly easy for the users.

Though, each app with there peculiarities has just made all users tone the phone to their taste.

In fact, having a particular app on does not define the quality of the phone – but it rather said a lot about the users. While the nature of the app that is present on each user’s phone determines what type of thing or activities that the users mostly take their time doing.

There are some users who are social media freaks and love to take part in all social media activity, while there are some who are cryptocurrencies experts. In fact, there are some who find amusement in having to stake on online betting, in platforms like Pokerstars, with special games and online casinos, while some are just business-oriented.

However, irrespective of the nature that each user might fall in, from bettor to social media freak, from sport personified, to music lover, from crypto lover to business experts and from ordinary user to the one that toned in everything, there are some apps that are the basis to have on the phone for all users.

However, below are some classes of apps that could be found on all users irrespective of the nature or cliché.

Communication apps

This is one of the most essential apps that ensure that each user has a seamless operation while they can easily reach out to their loved ones as well as being reached out to. Without a community of apps on the phone, the phone is not just a phone anymore but a tool for online frenzies alone.

Though the communicating apps are not much and rather present on all irrespective of their nature i.e., smart or not-smart, a phone device must always have these apps to enable the users to reach out.

The most important app in this cadre of communicating apps is a phone or dial pad which help the users to build a mechanism of strong communication by the virtue of calling or receiving some from friends and loved ones. Though, there have so many other apps which can be used in place of this app.

Another example of a communication app is the messaging app that lets the user send and receive short messages directly on their phone. This is one of the basic apps that comes with the smartphone itself from the manufacturer.

In fact, there are more communication apps that let the user manage their phone effortlessly without the power of the internet, while they can easily reach out to their loved ones. But it can be pretty expensive than using social media platforms that base their communication on data and internet usage.

Social media apps

These apps are one of the reasons why smartphones are integrating all the corners of the world seamlessly – because these apps give the smartphone using the basis of having to communicate with a larger audience and the world with a touch of their phone pad.

In fact, social media apps are beyond reaching online, it has been the standard of communication apps majority of the last decade and while it can virtually do all the basics of the communication app, its ability to enable the users to reach out to millions of people bridge the importance of smartphones.

Though, my most favorite social media apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, among many others. However, each social media app has its basis of uniqueness and exquisite features that make everyone love them differently.

Moreover, having WhatsApp, and Telegram on your phone is a smart move that can ensure the basis of communication to your family and friends, at least those that have the user’s contact can easily reach out while you view each other’s status and chat. In fact, the users can call one another via internet data on WhatsApp.

But having Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is tantalizing to establish a mode of reaching to many people in any part of the world at the express of composing your thoughts. In fact, those that share your view can like and share it which in turn makes the user more popular

Basically, all social media apps create a mechanism of ensuring that smartphone users are provided with the platform to express and have information at their disposal in no time. Thus, it helps the user to be part of the world as one global village.

Entertainment apps

These apps are wide and vary depending on what entertains the user. From music to movies and all other forms of entertainment can easily be categorized in this cadre. But, the most dominant entertainment app that all user most have is music apps.

Irrespective of the class of smartphone device the user is fond of, either iOS debit or the android devices, having a music app, such as Spotify, Audiomack or Boomplay among some music streaming apps give the users some platform to listen to the latest and classic music.

But having Netflix or other movie streaming apps gives the basis of being blessed with an abundance of the latest series of movies with which the users can have their lone time themselves.

Although there are many apps that can be present on smartphones and it all depends on the nature of the user, in fact, there are business and finance apps and a lot more but having the basis of the apps can make the user connect and have a fun-filled life while entertaining themselves with their phone.