Best home phone providers in the USA

Home phones are still an integral commodity and many households are still relying on landlines for their basic communication needs. The equipment that most home phone providers use is generally the same. Landlines are hardwired and the cables used are generally Coaxial, Fiber-Optic, or regular copper wires.

With the increasing reliance on mobile phones and wireless technologies, telecommunication companies are trying to introduce innovations and digital solutions so that fewer people feel inclined to cut the cord.

ISPs are coming up with data packages and deals to keep their customers hooked on to their services. Most offer bundled deals that include internet or a cable tv connection or both with the home phone to make their package more attractive for their customers.

Here is a list of the best home phone provider companies to start the new year with. You can either upgrade your present subscription after comparing with the available option or you can shift to a different ISP if the contract allows it.


While being one of the pricier options to choose from, AT&Ts strong network and reliable network makes it an amazing choice for most people. Bundle your home phone with your internet and you get the amazing starting price of only $22.99 a month. You get unlimited calls across the nation with unlimited calls to North America, Canada, Virgin Island, Mexico, North Marianas, and more.

With over 20 specially integrated calling features including Caller ID and Call Waiting, they are one of the best ISPs with strong coverage in the areas that they are present in. The con of AT&T is their limited availability and the fact that their service cannot be obtained as a standalone deal.


Being the best no-contract service makes Spectrum internet and home phone plans an outstanding deal. There are no strings attached so just cancel whenever you think you don’t want to a part of Charter Spectrum’s family. That is although rare with Spectrum. Its customers enjoy unlimited data plans, great cable tv deals, and amazing home phone services and usually prefer to get their bundled packages.

The Spectrum Voice package offers superb 28+ calling features like Call forwarding, Call blocking, and Caller ID with unlimited talk time nationwide including calls to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, etc.

They offer their home phone service as a separate plan as well. However, we suggest that you select their bundles because they have a widespread network in almost 43 states across the U.S. So, they are present almost everywhere in the States.


Their services may or may not suit you but what we can guarantee is their reliable network. They offer a basic local plan which is good for people who are not trying to get confused by details and too many options. For $23.34, you can get unlimited local calls and that’s how simple it is. There are no extra special features but they offer great internet and cable tv services which have a price-for-life plan. This way, you don’t have to worry about your bills increasing silently.

Verizon Fios phone

At $20 a month, you can get Verizon Digital Voice Unlimited, offering limitless nationwide calls and calls to Canada and Puerto Rico. Like other Verizon packages, their voice package is also available at a cheap price. They allow amazing calling features with their plan which include the Locate me option, Caller ID, enhancement in their Call forwarding function, many more. The downside is that their home phone service is only for their existing customers which mean no standalone options available with Verizon.


They offer no-contract services like Spectrum and unlimited calls throughout the USA. There is also the price-for-life option with Xfinity. They will fix your price for a year and you can relax while paying the agreed-upon price without increments. Their basic plan costs $30 a month, offering international calls to India, China, South Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, and last but not least, their neighboring country Canada.

In the end, let’s take a peek at why customers still like going for a home phone. What features exactly come with home phones which set them apart from mobile services is what we’ll try to find out.

  1. Mobile phones are amazing and portable and we love them for their wireless on-the-go technology but they cannot beat the voice quality that one gets on a landline connection.
  2. Home phones are getting upgrades as we discussed at the beginning. The landline sets are coming with smart built-in features to enhance the user experience.
  3. Who doesn’t have an internet connection these days? Well, we all do and we definitely can’t live without one these days. Since we already have either a cable tv or a net connection, we can easily add home phone service with very little extra cost.
  4. Calling emergency numbers in case you get stuck in a terrible situation where your movement is compromised isn’t that easy through mobile phones. With a home phone, your number is registered against a zip location and your real address. You don’t have to give any information and still, the help will reach you fast.

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