Best Online Puzzle Games To Play With Friends

Did you know that every year, around 4.5 billion puzzle game downloads light up our screens? It’s no surprise because puzzle games have this magnetic pull that people just can’t resist. And when it’s game night with friends, finding that perfect, crowd-pleasing puzzle game becomes the top priority. Who doesn’t want a game that everyone loves?

So, we’ve got your back to save you the hassle of endlessly scrolling through options! Here, we’ve handpicked the top 5 puzzle games, stealing hearts left and right. But wait, it’s not just a list—we’re diving into what makes each game unique. That way, you can pick the one that suits your vibe and guarantees a fantastic time with your crew.


2048, a game crafted by Gabriele Cirulli, is a solo puzzle played on a 4×4 grid. Players use arrow keys to shift numbered tiles, starting with two tiles of 2 or 4. New tiles pop up randomly after each move in vacant spots. The mission of this game is to merge those numbers until you hit the 2048 tile, and you can keep pushing for higher scores. Its charm lies in its simplicity yet grip, triggering those dopamine boosts that keep players hooked. Now, you may ask what makes it so popular. 

Well, there are only three things: its addictiveness, ease of access, and the fact that there are no in-game purchases. We can estimate its addictiveness by the fact that back in 2014, it was reported that around 28 thousand 2048 game lovers were diving into this game together, with 79,007 new installs daily. Even though we don’t have the freshest numbers, you can bet your last dollar that this game’s addictive pull still draws in players, making it a prime pick for laid-back gaming sessions. So you can visit this site to start playing this game.


Sudoku is a logical number puzzle originating in an ancient Chinese puzzle called Magic Squares. Its premise is simple: you must fill a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 through 9, ensuring each row, column, and 3×3 subgrid contains every digit without repetition. The term “Sudoku” originates from Japanese, where “Su” translates to number and “Doku” signifies single, emphasizing the usage of individual digits in the game’s grid.

But be assured that Sudoku isn’t just about numbers. It’s incredibly versatile, filling cells with alphabets, shapes, images, or other symbols, making it culturally adaptable and universally appealing. What makes Sudoku more than just a pastime? Its cognitive benefits are noteworthy—it’s known to keep brains active and may even lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This combination of mental stimulation and potential health benefits positions Sudoku as not just a game but also an activity beneficial for mental well-being. So, whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or a novice, you can play online Sudoku’s game here.

Two Dots

Two Dots is also a puzzle game available on iOS and Android. It emerged from the studios of Playdots, Inc. Its iOS debut happened on May 29, 2014, followed by the Android release on November 12, 2014. This game isn’t just a sequel to Dots; it packs a punch with fresh elements like power-ups, objectives, and a captivating campaign mode, albeit lacking online multiplayer features. In this game, you and your friends have to connect dots of similar colors. It’s a challenge that unlocks levels as you progress. 

But it’s not all smooth sailing—the game throws in hurdles like walls, gaps, and monsters that keep players on their toes. Moreover, in the toolbox, you’ll get power-ups, shufflers, erasers, targets, and color boosters—these aid players in tackling levels. But to use these tools, you can watch ads or opt for in-app purchases. With over 5000 levels and a steady stream of new puzzles, Two Dots keeps players hooked. And here’s the cherry on top—it’s free and suitable for all ages, making it a fantastic choice for family entertainment. So don’t wait and start playing Two Dots online.

Candy Crush Saga

Then we have the love of the crowd, Candy Crush Saga. It is a tile-matching game by King, which hit the gaming scene on April 12, 2012, initially on Facebook and later spreading its sweetness to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. This game’s secret sauce is its addictiveness, which keeps players engaged with its irresistible loop that rewards more playtime. With over 3 billion downloads across the App Store and Play Store, it bagged awards like the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Mobile Game in 2016 and the Best Social Game at the 9th International Mobile Gaming Awards. 

The aim of this game is simple enough: you have to match colorful candies by swapping them around the grid. Your mission in each level varies; sometimes, it’s reaching a target score, clearing jelly, or bringing down ingredients. Swap adjacent candies to create sets of three or more of the same color, and watch them disappear with a satisfying pop. Keep an eye out for special candies and combos—they pack a punch, clearing more candies in one move. And if, unfortunately, you haven’t tried this game yet, visit the site and indulge in your new puzzle game addiction.

Words with Friends

You’ll love this game because it is named Words with Friends. Zynga developed this fantastic puzzle game, a multiplayer word game accessible across iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms. In this game, players construct words using letter tiles, each carrying different point values, in a style reminiscent of crossword puzzles. 

The game boasts diverse modes like Solo Challenge, Daily Word Play puzzles, and Lightning Duels, catering to varied gaming preferences. Offering free gameplay suitable for all ages, Words with Friends is an excellent option for family entertainment. What sets it apart socially? In-game chatting and the ability to track progress through unlockable stats enhance the social experience. Praised for its simple design, multiple modes, and social connectivity, Words with Friends garners positive reviews. So, if you have your squad ready, play this online game here.

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