Poker tactics to consider to improve your bounty tournament experience

The Role of Probability and Math in Winning Poker Strategies

The nature of poker tournaments is constantly evolving, and the need to excite players is paramount. A blend of fast-paced and lucrative cash prizes is innately appealing, and bounties are one such way to spice things up. But what are bounties exactly, and how can you improve your technique for this style of tournament? Our guide will give you the inside track on bounties and outline some tips that should elevate your game.

The Role of Probability and Math in Winning Poker Strategies

A quick lowdown on bounty tournaments

For the uninclined, a bounty is a type of tournament where players are rewarded for knocking out their opponents. Each player will have a bounty on their head, and the incentive with this is that the more players you eliminate, the more cash you will win, and you will keep your bankroll ticking over.

Bounty tournaments, it is worth noting, come in a few guises. The first of these is the standard KO. So, for example, if a player has a $20 bounty on their head, that is the reward you will get for knocking out each opponent.

Whereas, with the progressive KO, the bounties will increase depending on the players you remove from the tournament. When you win a bounty from an opponent, half of this will go into your pocket, while the other half will go to the bounty placed on your head.

Or, the more spurious mystery bounty has taken on more prevalence. As this suggests, the prize won’t be revealed beforehand; players will only be informed of their prize after they have knocked out an opponent, and this adds an element of intrigue to proceedings.

#Tip 1 – Always think about the pot odds

As mentioned, in a bounty tournament, when you buy in, half of the money will be allocated to the regular prize pool and half of the money will go to the bounty prize pool. The odds of landing certain hands in poker is a central component of the game, and in bounties, this is something that can’t be taken for granted.

So, whenever a player decides to go all-in, this will fundamentally shift the pot odds as they will be adding more chips. As such, this will dictate how wide you are when you call, and it will also influence should you choose to shove and make a big play. The importance of boasting a good knowledge of pot odds, especially for bounty tournaments, shouldn’t be understated.

#Tip 2 – Don’t tighten up when short stacked

If you find yourself too short-stacked, you will leave your bounty exposed to other players, and this could well sweeten things in the pot for your opponents.

Sometimes, you’ll notice that players will come after your bounty, and they will push their luck by playing with weaker hands in a way to upset your rhythm. Instead, the best way to counter weak ranges is to widen your value in bounty tournaments.

So, whereas previously you might have considered going all-in with an AJ hand, adjust things and consider adding AT or even A9 to your range. This tactic could pay off in the long term.

#Tip 3 – Play a big stack in bounty event

If you’re in a big stack at a bounty event, you should aim to be more aggressive. Although there is a temptation to be more reserved in certain situations, ideally in bounty tournaments, you should try to exert as much pressure as possible. This should apply to the pre-flop and post-flop stages.

Some players can fall into the trap of playing more conservatively against covering stacks, and by taking the initiative, there is a chance you will be able to accrue more chips.

Where to play bounties?

Bounties have exploded into the poker consciousness, and the community has begun to appreciate their importance. As they have become more prevalent, players will be scurrying looking for places to engage in these tournaments, and the fast-paced tempo is appealing.

Those who are interested in learning more or are looking for further information should visit some of the recommended operators. This includes BetOnline and Ignition who are well versed when it comes to staging bounties, and they will have a constant stream of knockout tournaments that will appeal to players of all abilities and budgets.


Bounties have come to take on increasing importance for poker players, and while this guide has singled out just a few tips, the more you play them, the more you will be able to incorporate new strategies to raise your game.

Naturally, there is more of an emphasis on pot odds, but don’t shy away from widening your value range. Fortune often favors the brave. Anyway, whatever you do when playing bounties, always gamble responsibly. Good luck!

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