Best Video Status apps for WhatsApp in Android

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WhatsApp has gone too after introducing their new status system. At the initial stage, many of the users were opposing the forced implementation of this new style of WhatsApp statuses. However, with the arrival of video status and media status, most of the users started liking it. Now, everyone is interested in sharing WhatsApp status, and it has become one of the most trending topics in Android forums. Today we are looking at the best video status apps for WhatsApp in Android.

Video Status apps for WhatsApp in Android

You can easily add videos and images as your status on WhatsApp for 24 hours. People from your contact list can view your status. It includes text, images, and videos. As you know, it is very easy to type in the texts and creating basic images. But when it comes to video, it is not easy for most people. So, the majority of them uses third-party sources to get quality, romantic, and fun videos to set as WhatsApp status.

Video Status

It is the best app for video status. Unlike the name suggests, this app is not limited to just videos. It provides video statuses, pictures, and texts. Supports hosting platform for various media contents which are tailored to the WhatsApp status. It has a huge collection of statuses from various categories. All of the categories get regularly updated with new content.

Best video status apps for WhatsApp in Android

The app supports multiple languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, and Marathi. In addition to the language categories, it has contents from various popular artists. You can scroll through the app and find your favorite and trending status contents (Images, videos, and texts). It offers direct sharing to WhatsApp, which makes the whole process easy. However, this app comes with some additional features such as Status downloader. You can use it to download the recent statuses from your friends and network.

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Vid Status

This is the second most popular status app for WhatsApp. Unlike Video Status app, it has more ads and irritating popups. But still, it is good when considering its huge collection of contents and the filtered collection. This app also supports multiple languages. The supported languages include Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi.

Best video status apps for WhatsApp in Android

If you are ready to face some auto-play ads, this app will give you a good experience. Because it has the best user interface in its category. The app has awesome navigation with few options including Category, New, Trending and Saved. You can find new and trending statuses individually. Unlike the above app, this one supports status content uploads too. Means, you can add your offline status to this app. You can use your media content to this platform. So that, other users can browse and find your status.

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Video Status – Download unlimited video status

As the app name suggests, this is a video status app for WhatsApp with an additional option to download videos from various video hosting websites and platforms such as YouTube. You can directly save videos as status from YouTube to your WhatsApp. You can also request the app developers for a specific video from YouTube to avail as status. They will add it in few days. You can then download them to your device for use as status.

video status app for whatsapp in android

This app supports many languages including Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. This is one of the best apps for video status downloading. It supports downloading your friend’s status as well. Moreover, it has a very modern user interface with settings and menu similar to Skype’s Android app. It supports app themes as well. With that, you can customize the app’s interface according to your preference.

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