How to save WhatsApp status image and video of others on Android

save Whatsapp status image Video

WhatsApp status is an excellent way to share one’s thoughts with everyone. People usually often tend to update their status with some delightful videos or images. Most people do like to save WhatsApp status image and video for later use or refusing them if the contents are interesting (even I do). But it is one of the drawbacks of the WhatsApp that it does not allow its users to save WhatsApp status from the contact circle directly (or an advantage that prevents others from direct fetching of “Statuses” to ensure the so-called privacy).

Before I share how you can save WhatsApp status image and video from any contact, let’s take a look back at how it made its presence. Initially, WhatsApp only had a text-based status message or status.  The users could add to their profile. Post-acquisition of WhatsApp & Instagram by Facebook changed it.

WhatsApp’s status feature was replaced by a new “Status” tab on the Apps itself, which lets anyone add any media contents (Image, Video, text, etc.). Even though it has been accused of being an undisguised imitation of the SnapChat Stories, people then started loving using the Whatsapp Status feature.

How to save WhatsApp status image and video

To save the WhatsApp statuses offline in your smartphone, we have found three distinct ways so far and may seem helpful for almost everyone. The following are the three basic, but the only possible ways you can use to save the WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone.

1. Screenshot or Screen Capture
2. Fetch from Statuses Hidden folder
3. Using third-party apps

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1] Use Screenshot to save WhatsApp status image

The Screenshot method is the easiest and widely used ways by users to save Whatsapp status image. Screen recording is useful for videos. Well, this works perfectly only if the status is an image.

In case you want to capture a screenshot of someone else’s WhatsApp status, you can pinch in on the image and then pinch out to hide the contact details and other elements from the screen (or try tap and hold for a few seconds to make it happen). There you are, press the screenshot hotkeys, and you will get a screen capture copy of the WhatsApp status Image in the gallery.

save WhatsApp status image and video

2] Use Screen capture to save WhatsApp status video

In case you want to save the status, which is a video, there you can use the screen recording tools. It is most preferred to use several third-party screen recording apps. It can also capture the internal audio from the device. It helps in getting the lossless audio output of the status video. For this, you can use free apps available on PlayStore like AZ Screen Recorder, DU Screen Recorder, etc.

3] Fetch from Statuses Hidden folder

I case you are unaware; the WhatsApp has a lot of hidden folders on an Android smartphone. It includes the “.statuses” folder where all status images are saved. Typically, it cannot be found easily in most smartphone fie managers, as it is hidden. But there is a solution for this too. Many advanced file handling apps like ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer File Manager, etc. could be used to “unhide” every system folders in the smartphone.

save WhatsApp status image and video from Hidden Folder

After choosing the option to Show all Hidden folders on your Android smartphone, you can navigate to Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > “.Statuses”. Yeah, you got it in there. You can now see all the WhatsApp status media. It includes all images and audio, which you might have watched till then. To save WhatsApp status image and videos of others to your smartphone visible for the Gallery or Video app, you have to make a copy to any other visible folder. In case you want to make them as WhatsApp status of yours, tap the Share > Choose WhatsApp > Status.

4] Using third-party apps

There are many third-party apps and tools available on the Google Play Store. They help fetch the WhatsApp statuses directly without any hassles. You only have to choose the specific status and then select “Save” to get the files into your gallery.

Note: The Official WhatsApp team releases none of these apps, and we are not responsible for any security compromises by the use of them. So it is recommended to use the first two methods.  If you want to save time, this step is for you.

save Whatsapp status image Video

Here are some of the favourite, reliable WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for Android Operating System:

  • Status Saver | Download

We hope this article helps you in creating a vast understanding of how things work. You should be able to save WhatsApp status image and video of others in Android smartphones locally. It is very considerable to ensure the privacy of others in this digital era, as others do to yours. So ask your friends before you start saving them all as a whole.

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