How to fake your location on Android Smartphone

fake your location in Apps on Android

Many apps in the Google Play store including Google, Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, Zomato, etc. utilize your location to find the exact location of your phone to show you personalized regional content. However, there are many scenarios that you wish to fake your location in Apps on Android smartphones.

Suppose you want to browse people from another region without purchasing the premium plans of Tinder or share different location on WhatsApp, GPS spoofing is your only way to move forward. There are many situations like this. So we created a list of the best apps to fake your location in Apps on Android smartphones.

You can find hundreds of apps that can fake your location in the Google Play store. But most of them are not that useful and come with a hell load of advertisements and unwanted scripts. So we have handpicked the best of them from the store.

Once you have changed your location using one of these apps, every time you use an app that accepts your location will see what you had set. This includes WhatsApp, Uber, and so on.

Best apps to fake your location in Apps on Android Smartphone

  • Fake GPS Go

This is our favorite app as it was the first app that made it possible to fake the location in the famous game Pokemon Go. Also, it serves as the best app in the store with fewer advertisements.


This app comes with the support for the joystick and it will let you move around in the selected location and set accordingly. This app is available in multiple languages as well.

  • Location Spoofer Pro

As the name indicates, it is a paid app in the Google Play store and you can purchase it for just $1.2. Trust us, it is worth the money. Because this app is the most stable GPS spoofing apps in the store.

location spoofer pro

In addition to that, Location Spoofer Pro comes with more control over the spoofed location. You can even save your favorite locations and edit the location history to make it more convenient for the systems.

  • Fake GPS Location

This is the most popular GPS spoofing app in the Play store. Because of its simple interface and seamless connectivity, it has a very good rating in the store. This app can change the location of your phone to almost any region in the world.

fake gps location

You can select any location on the map and can change to that location in a single tap. It also comes with the support of joystick and you can utilize it to navigate easily.

  • Fake GPS Location – Floater

The Floater is also another popular fake location app in the store. However, it is way different than any of the above apps. It works as a floating window on your home screen and works without any service interruption.


It has more options within the floating picture-in-picture box. This app also lets you share your fake location to someone via WhatsApp or Facebook.

These are the best GPS spoofing apps for Android. You can choose your favorite one from the list and try it out yourself. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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