5 Best Websites to Download the Old Version Software

Old App

After facing competition from its rival web browsers, Mozilla Firefox released latest version of the browser, some days ago. We all know and are aware of the fact that it is really difficult to get accustomed to any new software in short time. Moreover, once the software is updated to the new version it is difficult to rollback to the old version. So, for those who believe ‘OLD IS GOLD’ and prefer to work on their computer with old versions of software installed, check out these sites. These websites have a large collection of old version of the software regardless of the  operating system.

 1. Old Apps

Old Apps website supports a large collection of the old version of the software from the different categories like Messengers, Browsers, Audio Utilities, Video Utilities and many more. The website has archives of the software for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems.

 Old App

You can also contribute the unavailable software’s in this website to it. So, it could be available to many users.

 2. Old Version

Old Version

This is the other nifty website which has a huge database of  old software from different categories like Graphics, Multimedia, Drivers, FTP, Office Software etc. This website also has the collection of old games which are available for no cost. The software are available for the Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

 3. Old-Versions


Thiswebsite is entirely dedicated to the Windows operating system, you can find manyold version software here which work on the Windows operating system. The website has a vast collection of the software from the categories like File Sharing, Utilities, Multimedia and many more.

 4. Download Old Versions

Download Old Version

It is a website with simple interface but has only few categories from the Chat, Audio, Internet, File Sharing, and Utilities. The websites collection of the oldies are only for the Windows operating system.

 5. OldWare

Old ware

This website contains 2453 archived programs available for the download. The website has enlisted the available software in a clean fashion in an alphabetical order. There are also new versions along with the old versions of the software available here. The website is entirely dedicated for the Windows operating system software.

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