Codelite: A Lightweight and Feature filled IDE for Linux

Finding an IDE for Linux is a tedious task. There exist only few good options and Codelite is one amongst them. It is light in weight program (11MB of download package size and 39MB after installation).

The feature filled IDE for Linux has a simple interface and some fantastic tools that make it easier for use by any programming junkie. All the things are organized to perform their functions nicely. A small and compact notification bar notifies you about the updates available and programs you are running. An option filled welcome screen and embedded terminal are drool worthy by any programmer.


  •  Auto completion of structures
  • Easy to use interface to create projects and handle other chores
  • Terminal embedded in the program
  • Auto debugging
  • Programming support for many platforms.

Codelite is an open source cross platform IDE which means it can run on any platform including Mac OS X, Windows etc.

The program starts with the welcome note displaying options on the screen to create new project. The link “create new workspace” when clicked, directs you to workspace where you can choose your choice of project from various options available. Name your project, choose the destination target and start coding.

What makes it not so “fun using” is its auto debugging tool which takes time to learn but once learned, it helps user to remove some serious errors from the program. The error gets highlighted by the red arrow in front of it and small description of the error below it cuts down the amount of efforts you will do to understand and rectify it.

Verdict :

If these few drawbacks are to be ignored, Codelite appears as a nice software to start programming. Easy to use interface, some awesome tools and embedded terminal emulation makes it cool programming software for coding.

Get Codelite from here!

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