CSGO Gambling Sites You Should Avoid

Online gambling has always been a hit, but the possibility to use in-game instead of money to wager on games and later withdraw prizes without depending on bank transfers, credit cards, or e-wallets.

While there are several CSGO gambling sites that offer a safe experience for gamblers, we’ve found plenty on CSGORadar.com, there are still websites that users must avoid at all costs. Read on for a full overview of gambling sites you should avoid and the worst gambling scandals in CS:GO history.

CSGO Gambling Sites to Avoid At All Costs – A Case Study

Throughout the history of CS:GO gambling, some websites were found guilty of scamming users and luring them with fake promises that never became true.

If a gambling site has a similar approach to these sites, immediately leave the platform (with all your deposited funds, if possible) and spread the message to help other users as well.


In 2015, the gambling website CSGOLotto and its owners Travis “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas “Syndicate” Cassel were at the center of one the most controversial cases involving CS:GO players ever.

The duo’s mistake was to illegally advertise the CSGOLotto platforms and lure their YouTube viewers into spending money and skins on the site without disclosing that they were the true owners.

After being publicly denounced by the CS:GO community, TmarTn and Syndicate had to face the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Ultimately, neither of the accused YouTubers received severe punishment.

In the words of FTC representative Mitchell J. Katz, the goal of the FTC was not necessarily to punish TmarTn and Syndicate but to educate consumers about new markets.

They reached a deal with FTC in which they agree that future infractions will cost up to $40,000 in fines per violation committed.  Despite facing no criminal charges, the duo’s actions served as a warning sign for other CS:GO influencers to prevent similar cases.


Exposed in 2017, CSGOWild was a CS:GO gambling website that also allowed players to engage in match betting. However, the website used bots to give players a false sense of fairness while players were losing roll after roll.

Even though the website was continuously exposed as a rigged platform, several players insisted that the site was fine due to its “Provably Fair” system. After all, the whole system was staged and users were only interacting with bots all the time.

Victims of the scam created several threads on Steam forums to track bets and Steam IDs and prove that all the accounts were fake bots put against real-world gamblers.

CSGO Diamonds

Another website exposed back in 2016, CSGO Diamonds used to be a hit in the old days of CS:GO gambling. At that time, CS:GO pro-player and streamer Moe “m0E” Assad signed an advertisement deal with the gambling platform.

Later in the year, Assad used his Twitter account to accuse the platform of sharing secret information with him ahead of time, which allowed him to win games dependent on chance predictably.

After the scam was exposed, the CSGO Diamonds team went publicly and used the platform’s official Twitter account to admit the mistake. The “im-so-sorry” strategy did not work out, as users soon perceived that they deserved no sympathy or credit simply for confessing their wrongdoing.

CSGO Shuffle

With a shady proposal and promises in excess, CSGO Shuffle was secretly owned by Twitch streamer James “PhantomL0rd” Varga. The streamer used the website as it was an average user, streaming these constant victories as the results of pure chance.

As expected, the website’s gambling pots where viewers were incentivized to deposit their skins were rigged. Varga admitted that the accusations were true and was banned on Twitch as a consequence of the episode.

Are CSGO Gambling Sites Safe? – Avoiding Scams in 2022

The first element to identify whether a gambling site is to take a look at the licensing section. Solid gambling platforms must feature some type of license issued by a respected regulatory body.

Be careful with fake reviews or paid reviews written by professional copyrighters, which is a quite common standard in the gambling industry. A good reviewing tool is TrustPilot, as users are allowed to speak their minds and tell the truth without fear of blackmail.