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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the leading social media platforms; in fact, FB is the pioneer in this league, which is why you can see that there are over two billion active Facebook accounts as of 2023.

In the past, Facebook was only used as a social networking website, but today, it is used for multiple purposes.

You can see FB being used as a source of information, entertainment, business, marketing, and connecting with new people.

Over the last few years, Facebook has become one of the biggest sources of visual content surfing.

You can find thousands of video clips on Facebook related to different categories.

News clips, short movie reels, drama episodes, and more are posted on different accounts.

Surfing videos on Facebook might be intriguing, but you must know that it also consumes much of your data cap.

Moreover, on Facebook, thousands of videos are posted every turning day.

This means you would be unable to re-watch videos you liked on different accounts.

If you want to save your data and view videos later on your device, you can use an online Facebook video downloader tool to download the video content including reels and status easily. .

Top Reasons to Download Videos from Facebook!

If you are wondering why it is important to save Facebook videos, read the reasons mentioned below:

· Save Your Data Capital

Internet data capital has gotten quite expensive these days.

Basic surfing plans can cost between $20 to $100 per month.

Watching videos requires a lot of data, eventually draining your monthly capital in days.

If you want to save your data and surf videos offline, use the Facebook video downloader tool.

· Watch Videos Whenever You Want

By downloading videos from Facebook in your local gallery, you can watch them wherever and whenever you want.

If you want to watch a video later alone or with a friend, you should use the Facebook downloader to save the clip on your device.

· Share Videos Directly with Friends

You can also save videos from Facebook if you want to share them with your friends who are not Facebook users.

You cannot share Facebook content with a user who doesn’t have a registered account.

By saving the video offline, you can easily share it via different platforms like WhatsApp, Share It, etc.

· Repurpose Videos of Competitors

You will need to save videos posted by your competitors if you are working as an SM manager.

By saving videos, you can analyze them with your team whenever you want and repurpose their content in your unique and custom style.

Now that you know about the top reasons why you need to download Facebook videos, you must also know that Facebook doesn’t allow you to save video clips like images.

To download videos, you need help from a well-reputed Facebook Video Downloader.

Let us discuss how you can save a video from Fb without any hassle.

How to Download Videos from Facebook with Online FB Video Downloader Tool?

Online Facebook Video Downloader, as the name tells us, is a tool that can help you save any video clip you want from FB without third-party restrictions or copyright issues.

These video downloader tools can easily help you save video content in the best quality and format!

The online FB video downloader tools are very easy to use.

You can use them seamlessly on any device you want with a browser.

Here we have discussed the steps in detail to help you download any video, reel, or story you want from Facebook!

1. Navigate to the FBVideoDownloader

The first step is to open the Facebook video downloader tool on your browser.

This is an online-based utility, meaning you can use it on any device you want as long as you have a stable connection.

You can use the link https://www.fbvideodownloader.io/ to open the tool on your device.

2. Copy the Link of the Video/Reel/Story

The next step is to copy the link to the video from its source.

You can get the link to the video or the reel by right-clicking on it and selecting the “copy link address” option, or you can also use the three dots icon to copy the link address.

3. Paste the Link in the Input Box

Once you have copied the link in your clipboard, paste it into the URL box that you would see on the tool’s main interface.

4. Download and Enjoy Free Streaming

Once the link has been placed in the bar, you must click the download button.

The tool would grab the video from the link source and save it in the best quality on your device.

You can access the video from your local gallery and watch it whenever you want.

This is how easy it is to save a video, reel, or story from Facebook with the help of the best FBVideoDownloader tool.

Notable Features of the Facebook Video Downloader!

FbVideoDownloader.io is one of the ultimate solutions for saving video clips on your device.

Here we have mentioned some of the salient features which make this tool a popular choice across the globe!

· User-Friendly & Simple Interface

First, you must know that this FB video downloader is extremely easy to use.

The tool has a simple interface, so even a new user can learn how to save videos from FB in a matter of seconds. You can save any clip with just three to four simple steps.

· Provides Multiple Video Qualities

What we like about the Fb video downloader is that it allows you to save video clips, reels, and statuses in your desired quality.

You would get the video in the same quality that you had selected.

· Unlimited & Unrestricted Usage

Another feature of this Fb video downloader is that it poses no restrictions.

You can save hundreds of video clips, reels, and stories without limitations.

You don’t have to create an account to use this tool.

· Universal Compatibility

The feature we like the most about this downloader tool is that it can be used on any device and operating system you choose.

You need a browser and a stable web connection to use this tool on your device.

· Free to Use

Last but not the least, this online Facebook video downloader tool is free of cost.

You don’t have to worry about any added expense.

End Words

Downloading videos, reels, statuses, or stories from Facebook was impossible in the past.

But today, you can effortlessly save videos from FB with the help of the best online fb video downloader tool.

In this post, we have discussed the working steps and features of the best tool. You can also check out the tool and save any video from FB without hassle.

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